People Are Learning Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Isn't A Good Idea

People Are Learning Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Isn’t A Good Idea

Most people get a little over-excited when it comes to warmer temperatures. And for individuals who've spent months shivering and covered in layers of clothes, a slight sight of sunshine is enough to drive them hysteric.

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But sunshine can be a cruel mistress, especially for those who aren't used to it. These people are sharing pictures of what happened when they wore ripped jeans in the sun.

Summer is Truly Our Best Time of the Year

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After going through an endless and shivering winter, when summer comes, we can finally experience the warmth and brightness that'll always uplift our moods.

Overexposure to the Sun Can Have a Pretty Painful Impact

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The rays from the sun can cause a surprisingly intense reaction upon contact with our skin. What's worse is getting an awkwardly-shaped sunburn on your legs just because of a poor choice of clothing

It Might Seem Funny When It Happens to Someone Else

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When you're the one suffering from these awkward sunburns, it can be a unique sort of misery. But if it happens to your friends, you might see it as a funny or a cool thing.

The effects of sunburns can be even worse due to our choice of clothing. Although summertime presents an opportunity to show off our most revealing outfits, you should be careful about what you wear.

Ripped Denim are Some of the Outfits You Should Keep Away from in Warmer Weather

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It turns out that your mom was actually right about ripped jeans all along. Being a woman and street-style-savvy comes at a cost, especially in the unrelenting summers.

You've probably heard that you shouldn't wear ripped denim during summers. This notion is real, and it's actually unhealthy to wear these jeans under the blaring sun.

Though ripped jeans are trending, they aren't actually the best choice for every occasion. Getting sun-burnt knees through a pair of ripped jeans isn't fun at all.

These Sunburns are Really Awkward-Looking and Alarming

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You might think that because you're wearing ripped jeans, there's no need to apply sunscreen. But these pictures will prove you wrong.

The portions where your jeans covered will serve as a reminder of what color your skin used to be, highlighting the contrast.

It even looks weird when you have several small strips of burn on your legs. The contrast of skin tones is quite alarming.

And if you continue with your ripped jean-wearing way, you'll develop a bizarre collage of tan, burn, and pale skin on your legs.

So, you better get prepared to apply lots of sunscreen.