People Are Cringing After Video Resurfaces Of Demi Moore Kissing 15-year-old Boy

A video of Demi Moore kissing a 15-year-old boy has been circulated online again, causing shock and disgust among viewers.

The video shows Moore repeatedly kissing the boy on the lips, rather than simply giving him a peck on the cheek. The significant age gap between the two is evident.

The video was initially discovered by Entertainment Tonight and shows Moore, who was 19 years old at the time, at the 15th birthday party of her General Hospital co-star Philip Tanzini.


During the video, the actor, who was married to Freddy Moore at the time, turns to face Tanzini so that their faces are level and then kisses him on the lips.

The pair only break their kiss when a singer begins to perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," which seems to distract Moore.

Later in the video, they are being interviewed while sitting at a table and Moore leans in for a kiss even though there is a young child sitting between them.


She then tells the interviewer, "He's one of my favorite people ever," before adding, "I love Philip."

At the end of the segment, Philip jokes, "We're going to get married, by the way, don't let her husband find out," as Moore exclaims, "I can't wait."

When the video was previously shared online, viewers described Moore's actions as "creepy" and "disturbing."


The video was recently shared on Twitter by user @BernieSpofforth, who commented: "Hidden in plain sight. Demi Moore kissing a 15 year old boy. Because she could." Many people had similar reactions upon seeing the video again.

While some men joked that they would be thrilled to kiss a famous actor at that age, other users were quick to point out that this perspective would not be the same if the genders were reversed.


"If she was a man and that was a 15 year old girl what would you think?" asked the Twitter user.

Another commenter said: "This kiss wasn't a quick peck on the cheek, or even the lips. It wasn't a one-time thing, either."

"And I really don't care that it was from a woman, let alone Demi Moore. It's disturbing — at the very least, extremely uncomfortable."


A third added: "Been reading these responses and some err on the 'good on you boy', but why wouldn't you question why an older actress is properly kissing a 15 year old school boy?"

"Those are real kisses and not a quick peck on the lips. Too weird. Ask questions always."


"To my feeling something about this is still just a bit weird. This 15 year old kid looks even younger… but who knows," commented a fourth.

"Of course young males (including me when I was that age) fantasise about older women, but this doesn't change that it's a kid being kissed by an adult."

And a fifth said: "That kiss seemed way too intimate and long to me. Gave me the creeps."