People Are Carving Pineapples For Halloween And They Are Terrifying

People Are Carving Pineapples For Halloween And They Are Terrifying

There are many time-honored traditions around the United States and western civilization in general. One of such honored traditions is Halloween. In case you live under a rock, Halloween is celebrated every year on every 31st of October.

The Origin of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival, over two millennia ago. Originally, Halloween was used to mark the end of summer and harvest, and the beginning of winter, a dark and cold time. The Celts who lived at that time believed that day, the barrier between the dead and the living was thinned.

Over two millennia later, the tradition is still carried on. True, some of the meaning may have changed, but October 31st is still a day held in high regard.

One of the items most often used to mark Halloween is pumpkins. People carve out pumpkins in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of them are scary, others are cute. However, the pumpkin tradition may be soon coming to an end.

When you think of pineapples, you probably think of a fruit salad. If your pallet is a little more developed and sophisticated, you will definitely think of a pizza.
You might be wondering, why are pumpkins and pineapples in the same article. The answer is as simple as it is bizarre.

Someone, somewhere, sat down, thought about it keenly, and decided pumpkins just aren't scary enough. Thus, they looked around for a scarier fruit that could make fit the bizarre event. The fruit of choice, a pineapple.

This might be comical when you think about it, but when you see the images of pineapples that have been carved out, your heart will skip a beat or two. At first glance, the pineapple carvings look like the image of a person who has been electrocuted. The spiky tuft of the fruit aids this. A deeper look will make you think you're looking at something straight out of a supernatural movie.

One thing that is definitely clear is, the spikes dial up the fear factor. Pumpkins won't be able to compete with this level of fright. If the trend carries on, pumpkins will lose their relevance in Halloween events.

Pineapples still have a lot of surprises to pull over pumpkins. Ordinarily, when preparing a pumpkin for Halloween, you have to scoop out the insides. The insides of the pumpkins are mostly thrown away. In some cases, however, they may be used to make soup or pies.

Pineapples, on the other hand, have a lot to offer. Almost everyone enjoys pineapples. When carving out pineapples for Halloween, you get to enjoy the insides of the fruit. You can decide to make a fruit salad, pizza, juice, smoothie, and an assortment of recipes, including sweet and sour chicken.

The carving process of a pineapple is similar to that of a pumpkin. Once you've created space on the inside of the fruit, the procedure is pretty straightforward. You cut the pineapple into the scariest image you can imagine and stick a couple of lights in there.

Then, just place it in a strategic location, and watch it scare everyone who walks by. The only foreseeable downside is the level of creativity warranted. With a pumpkin, you can draw the design with a pen, and then cut it out. With a pineapple, you cannot use a pen to create an outline.

Happy Halloween!