People Are Calling Out Eminem For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

People Are Calling Out Eminem For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

Eminem is facing criticism for the song My Band. The iconic rapper is getting accused of cultural appropriation.

The song was released in 2004, and one of the sections of the video is considered inappropriate. The section appeared toward the end of the video.

In the controversial scene, Eminem is wearing a matador outfit. D12 members are also dressed as if they belong in a Mariachi band.

Eminem, 49, made the song almost two decades ago when he was in his early thirties. In the song, he said that his "salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and get in their underpants."

Recently, Tyga found himself in a scandal after he released a video for his song Ay Caramba. The song's video showed the rapper wearing an outfit typical of Mexican culture.

The criticism was so severe that Tyga had to apologize to the Mexican community for his mistake. While speaking to L.A. Leakers and American Cholo podcast, he told Gil Tejada, the host:

"I want to apologize to the Mexican community and my fans that are Mexican."

People Are Calling Out Eminem For Cultural Appropriation In An Old Music Video

He also said that he has many Puerto Rican or Dominican fans who did not find the video offensive. However, he noted that some of his Mexican fans in L.A. were definitely offended.

As this scandal continued, people started remembering how Eminem did the same thing without facing backlash. However, the rapper made a mistake nearly twenty years ago.

At the time, it was rare for people to criticize cultural appropriation.

Someone noted on social media that there was no outrage within the Latino community when Eminem did the same thing. Another wrote, "I wonder why these folks aren't demanding an apology from Eminem."

Yet another commenter added:

"Invent the time machine and travel back and/or forth to whichever era, and this s**t will STILL not be funny."

Still, many comments from people claiming to be Hispanic said that they did not find Eminem's portrayal of Mexican culture inappropriate.

One of them pointed out that they loved the ending to the video as a kid, although they were Puerto Rican. The scene in which Eminem portrays himself as Latino, this person noted, made the internet user miss their sister more.

Another person said that they did not give "that much of a s**t" to want to cancel anyone.

When Eminem's video was first released, nobody seemed to mind. It even got a Video of the Year, Best Group Video, and Best Rap Video nomination during the MTV Video Music Awards.