Peculiar Image Of Elon Musk Kissing Robot Leaves Internet Bewildered

Elon Musk, known for his eccentric behavior, has once again made headlines with a peculiar act. A photo of him kissing a robot has left the internet in confusion.

Images of Musk posing with female humanoid robots have circulated on social media, sparking curiosity. However, there's more to the story than meets the eye.

David Marven, CEO of a construction company, shared the pictures online, accompanied by the question: "Who is Elon Musk announcing as his future wife?"

These pictures emerged following the release of footage showing Musk's humanoid robot, Optimus, which received mixed reactions during its unveiling in September. Now, the robot has amazed observers by demonstrating the ability to jump, stirring further discussion.

"It is the first robot that has been manufactured specifically designed with artificial intelligence, with the personality and the characteristics of the female that he dreams of…which is not found in any normal person, because of course, there is no normal person that has all the required specifications," Mr. Marven wrote.

He went on to explain that 'Catnilla' is a robot powered by solar energy, which means it doesn't require charging. Moreover, he highlighted that 'Catnilla' is equipped with sensory capabilities that enable her to experience emotions such as happiness and sadness.

"She has a balanced and interactive mindset … so she can share it if she is in a crisis or the feelings that she is experiencing or needs when she is exposed to any psychological stress," Mr. Marven added.

However, he later disclosed that the peculiar images were actually created using artificial intelligence.

Mr. Marven explained that his intention behind the post was to emphasize the potential risks associated with AI.

"Especially after Tesla Company released the first integrated robot "Optimus",' he said.

Twitter users went into a frenzy upon seeing the pictures, with one individual commenting, "The Black Mirror trailer just dropped."

Another user expressed their concerns about artificial intelligence, tweeting, "This post does clarify one of the dangers of AI - it is being used to generate images like these to fool people into thinking they are real."

However, there were those who expressed envy over Musk's affinity for robots, as one user jokingly commented: 'Where's the male version. I was always playing to get a robot husband. Does all chores, never argues, and has all the needed settings [laughing emoji]."

In recent news, Tesla shared a video showcasing five of its Optimus robots displaying an impressive ability to leap, marking a significant advancement from the initial unveiling of the $20,000 prototype, which received criticism from experts.

These robots possess the capability to walk, manipulate objects, and accomplish basic tasks.

Interestingly, the billionaire CEO has referred to them as 'companions', emphasizing their potential for a closer human-like interaction.

Optimus was expected to be the highlight of Tesla's AI Day presentation in September, with Musk boldly proclaiming that it would "be a fundamental transformation for civilization as we know it."

However, the prototype faced strong criticism from experts in the field of robotics.

Cynthia Yeung, head of product at plus One Robotics, expressed her disappointment on Twitter, stating, "None of this is cutting edge. Hire some PhDs and go to some robotics conferences @Tesla."

The light-hearted robot failed to win over AI researcher Filip Piekniewski, who took to Twitter describing it as "next level cringeworthy" and labeled it a "complete and utter scam."

Optimus boasts WiFi and LTE connectivity, operating on Tesla's autopilot software. Its hands and knees draw inspiration from human anatomy.

According to Tesla, Optimus possesses the ability to hold a 20-pound bag in one hand, featuring optimized joints for enhanced functionality.