Peacemaker's Gory Mission Ended With A Most Brutal Fatality

Peacemaker's Gory Mission Ended With A Most Brutal Fatality

As the first season of Peacemaker came to an end, a very brutal fatality took place. Chris Smith (John Cena) had to once again bank on his propensity for violence in yet another dangerous mission.

After he managed to unlock clues about the Butterflies, they went on a bloody mission. As with many such missions, there was a lot of death along the way.

Regardless of this fact, one fatality was particularly brutal, and the Peacemaker was left genuinely concerned about the special talents of his crew members.

Chris and Adebayo were able to make their way into an arm of the facility linked to the Butterflies, and he started to blow off workers' heads. According to his confession, his helmet offered him an x-ray vision.

Thanks to this unique ability, he could see the Butterflies in these people's heads, which is why he did not hesitate to blast their heads. The whole thing looked like a video game in many ways due to the large number of casualties involved.

Even as Chris unleashed all this violence, Adebayo was a little afraid, and she only shot them after Chris had so she could feel she was part of the team. There is still no denying that the killings frightened her.

Eventually, the team ended up facing their most powerful enemy yet.

Peacemaker's Gory Mission Ended With A Most Brutal Fatality

The formidable opponent was in a room containing the goo that was being used to feed Butterflies throughout the world.

The enemy was Charlie, a gorilla that had only recently escaped from the zoo. He immediately started to beat the anti-heroes.

Charlie could also speak, and he made it abundantly clear that they were not welcome at the facility. Otherwise, he just swung them around the place with a lot of ease, thanks to his brute might.

Even though Chris was there as the team's best hope, Charlie still proved to be more than a match for him. To begin with, he could not match his aggression.

At one point, Charlie nearly crashed Chris, but Economos managed to put a chainsaw through Charlie's back quickly.

The injury spilled blood everywhere, and as the creature fell to the ground, everyone was jubilant with the accomplishment. Economos' quick action helped redeem him in Chris's eyes, who soon found out they had a similar taste in music.

Harcourt, the leader, was also impressed by how things had turned out.

Charlie's death left a lot of questions unanswered, with many wondering what other creatures lie ahead for the team. From the look of things, there will be other beasts the team will have to take care of in the future.

Fortunately, Chris now understands he has a powerful team he can depend on as he deals with any threats that will pop up in the future.