meet pazuzu algarad, the satanist who buried bodies behind his house of horrors

Consider yourself lucky not to have a neighbor like Pazuzu Algarad. The man went without bathing for months, started a cult in his house, tattooed his face, filed his teeth, and got involved in the murder of three people.

He committed his crimes with the help of two accomplices, his fiancés.

A sufferer of severe mental illnesses, Pazuzu Algarad, was never ashamed to say that he was a Satanist. He often made animal sacrifices and drank blood. Orgies were also a regular thing in his home, making him every neighbor's nightmare.

He sacrificed rabbits in his bedroom and even drank his girlfriend's blood. This had become normal life for the high school dropout with a deeply troubled mind.

According to a former friend, Matt Flowers, who saw his descent into evil, Pazuzu Algard boasted about horrors like animal sacrifice, rape, murder, and dead bodies in his backyard.

In fact, he even told his neighbors about his animal sacrifices and insisted that he had the ability to control the weather. His mental deterioration was so bad that he got the facial tattoos and filed his teeth into spikes as a way to alienate himself from his neighbors.

Matt eventually broke ties with Pazuzu after the psychotic man drugged him with LSD to the point where Matt doubted his own sanity. He even tried to check himself into a psychiatric facility. It was only later that Pazuzu would tell him what had happened like it was a joke. At that point, he knew their friendship had reached its end.

Personal hygiene was alien to him. He often went for years without brushing his teeth, arguing that personal hygiene "stripped" the body of the defenses it needs against diseases and infections.

When Did It All Go To Hell?

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors

Pazuzu Algarad was born in 1978 as Alexander Lawson in San Francisco, California. Little is known about his childhood and upbringing since he often made up stories about his history all the time.

At some point, he claimed to have been from Iraq.

According to some, he was an emotional child. He also started using alcohol and drugs at a young age. Some believe these were early signs that the boy had a mental illness since he started harming animals.

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors
meet pazuzu algarad, the satanist who buried bodies behind his house of horrors

His mother actually discussed her son's mental health issues, which began very early. As a child, Algarad was diagnosed with schizophrenia and agoraphobia. He was also found to be psychotic. She got him help from a psychiatrist, but when she could no longer afford it, he went without help, and his situation worsened.

However, those close to the family said that Pazuzu Algarad was troubled and spoiled even as a young child, and his mother apparently gave him whatever he needed. His relationship with his stepfather, whom his mother had married when he was 12, also got worse over time.

His parents tried to get him help, but he convinced the counselors that his mother was the issue and not him. Eventually, his state put a terrible strain on his mother's marriage, who was also afraid of her son.

He then began self-medicating. Obviously, that plan failed miserably, as he ended up turning into one of the most infamous sadists in America.

Pazuzu Algarad Wanted To Become A Demon

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors

Lawson changed his name to Pazuzu Illah Algarad about an Assyrian demon mentioned in the movie, The Exorcist. He wanted to be a demon, a wish that many close to him did not take very seriously until his life took a dark turn, and he actually started trying to make it happen.

Pazuzu Algarad had also developed a big hatred for his Christian neighbors. Apparently, he had grown up in a rigorous Christian home, which might have fueled his rebellion. He also tried to style himself after the character of Drexl, a pimp in dreadlocks in True Romance.

His declarations that he was a Satanist were obviously not very welcome in the heavily Christian community he lived in. Things got worse for the neighbors when his home became the place for addicts and other sufferers of mental illnesses.

He welcomed people who felt isolated like he was and encouraged them to do the strange things he was into. According to a friend, he had a "twisted sort of charisma" that would not be to everyone's liking. Those attracted to him were mainly outcasts and misfits who loved living on the edge.

Generally, his house was a meeting point for misfits and social outcasts, and they were welcome to stay for as long as they wished. After all, Algarad did not care about their staying there or what they did while at his 2749 Knob Hill Drive house.

The house was not in good shape. For one, garbage and animal carcasses were lying around. Blood was all over the walls, and the place was full of decay.

There were also plenty of Satanic messages on the property.

In some ways, he was a lot like Manson in that he knew how to attract women. He had two female fiancés who often came to his home, Amber Burch and Krystal Matlock.

The Bodies In The Backyard

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors

Pazuzu was more than a weirdo with a fetish for animal sacrifices. In 2010, he was charged as an accessory to involuntary manslaughter. Apparently, he had held on to information about Joseph Emmrick Chandler's murderer, who was staying at his house.

Later, in 2014, he was arrested with his fiancé, Amber Burch, after skeletons of two men were discovered buried in his own backyard. The two men were later found to have disappeared in 2009.

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors
meet pazuzu algarad, the satanist who buried bodies behind his house of horrors

The two men buried in his backyard, Joshua Wretzler and Tommy Welch, were both drifters. Soon after, his other fiancé, Krystal Matlock, was charged with helping bury one of the men.

Apparently, Puzuzu had killed Wetzler in 2009, and Burch had helped him bury the body. Burch had gone on to kill Welch in the same year, and Pazuzu Algarad helped her bury the body.

After these bodies were found, county housing officials declared the home "unfit for human habitation," It was destroyed in April 2015.

The neighbors were obviously quite thrilled that Pazuzu's house was no longer part of the neighborhood.

Pazuzu's Mysterious Death In Prison

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors
meet pazuzu algarad, the satanist who buried bodies behind his house of horrors

Pazuzu was jailed in North Carolina after his arrest. In the morning hours of October 28, 2015, he was found dead in his cell. He had a deep cut on his left arm, and his death was considered a suicide, although the instrument used to commit the crime was never determined.

Pazuzu Algarad died before he stood trial for his crimes.

According to his former friend, James, this was not particularly shocking since the man had confessed that he would take his life if he ever ended up in jail and could not do his rituals every month.

He even explained all the ways he would do it. For instance, his filed teeth could be used to stab an artery. There is a rumor that this is how he eventually took his life, although the official cause of his fatal injury was never listed.

His accomplice, Amber, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, armed robbery, and accessory. She had shot Welch twice in the head as he was sitting on the couch.

She was sentenced to at least 30 years and 8 months in prison and at most 39 years and 2 months for her crimes.

Unfortunately, although Pazuzu is no more, his reputation is still alive and well in North Carolina.

A Satanist, Or A Mental Health Patient?

Meet Pazuzu Algarad, The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors

The documentary, The Devil You Know, was based on Pazuzu. In the film, his mother, Cynthia, said that although her son "wasn't by any means an angel," he was not a bad person either or a "bogeyman" as people are now calling him.

In the documentary, Pazuzu argued that he was the son of a high priest.

In some ways, Pazuzu Algarad helps highlight the worrying lack of access mental health patients have to deal with. When he was under treatment, he was able to keep himself in check. Once he could no longer afford the care he needed, he turned into a criminal.

The problem is that mental health treatments are not very affordable, which is quite an issue considering the dangers some mental health patients pose. For instance, people ended up dead as a direct result of Pazuzu's mental health issues.

Considering the impact social isolation will have on many people by the pandemic, many people will need access to mental health treatments to handle the social and financial realities of their new lives. Sadly, few will ever get this help, and it is predicted that this will bring about a global mental health crisis.

To most people, Pazuzu was a Satanist and a psychopath, and he is often remembered for the animal sacrifices he performed and the dead bodies buried behind his house.

Actual Satanists tried to distance themselves from Pazuzu Algarad and his horrifying acts.

They don't see why people would seriously take him as a member of their religion. One of them explained that Satanists don't actually believe in Satan but use the name as a metaphor for their personal will. They insist that they don't advocate for the horrible personal violations Pazuzu committed.