Patrick Stewart And His Wife Defy Their 38-Year Age Gap And Listen Only To Their Hearts

patrick stewart and his wife defy their 38-year age gap and listen only to their hearts

For some reason, some people think age is a very big deal in relationships. We are not here to fault them, but to look at the special relationship Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell have despite their tremendous 38-year age gap.

Some say these kinds of unions are creepy, and they are part of the reason these types of relationships are a little challenging.

But that doesn't matter for these lovebirds. They knew what they were getting into, and a few snide comments wouldn't destroy their love.


These two are a living proof that age is just a number.

Ozell Was The Ultimate Exception

The love story of the two has started quite magically. Patrick Stewart was a restaurant in Brooklyn, and he strongly believes in not giving his number to random people.

But a 30-year-old waitress he met there was quite the exception. It was the first time he gave out his number in this manner.


And so, in 2008, Stewart and Ozell began dating, and the romance is as real as it gets.

Ozell mentioned having a desire to watch a Macbeth production, and Stewart obliged by giving her his number and asking her to call him for tickets later.

He is not afraid to admit he did this with a hidden agenda.

When Ozell was attending the Broadway show, she met Stewart backstage. They discussed the performance.


She described the experience of seeing his severed head in the production as quite interesting. When Stewart asked her how she felt about this, she said it was a good "replica."

When he remembers this, he asks jokingly:

"Is it better than the real thing?"

But Ozell responds saying:

"I keep asking where it is, because I want it for my mantle."

There is no denying it: these two are crazy in love.


Stewart even says he knew about Ozell's jazz singing talent after a few weeks of dating.

"I didn't know she was a singer after a couple of weeks, until one weekend. I was doing an eight show a week performance so I only had Sunday's and Monday's free."

"So we would usually get together Sunday evening and she said 'I'm doing a gig tomorrow' and I had to have a gig explained to me… It was just simply a revelation to me hearing her sing."


Age Isn't An Issue

There is no doubt that the chemistry between Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell is real.

But given their age difference, many people have an issue with the relationship, and it's not just random strangers. Both of them had a challenge introducing each other to their families.

Ozell confesses that introducing him to her father was her greatest challenge. Stewart is five years older than Ozell's father.


At first, her father was not amused, but over time, he was all for it. At the moment, the two are great friends.

Ozell was also nervous about meeting Stewart's two children, Daniel and Sophia, who are both older than her. Fortunately, they were both very accepting of their dad's new partner.

It was only after the family was okay with their relationship that they decided to get married. Sir Ian McKellen was their officiant.


They had their first ceremony in LA at a Mexican restaurant, and the other ceremony was in Nevada, where Ozell was born.

The couple is still going strong today, and they have no intention of slowing down.

Their age difference is without a doubt quite significant. But that does not mean this relationship doesn't work.

Obviously, the two have to keep dealing with challenges related to the vast age gap. But every relationship has its problems, however perfect.


But Stewart and Ozell stand out for the fact that they have made it work despite the stigma associated with these kinds of relationships.