Passing Notes To Your Bestie

Passing Notes To Your Bestie

Since the beginning of the quarantine in February 2020, many parents with children have been struggling with issues regarding school, childcare, job, and money to survive.

Fast forward to August 2020. Schools are readying themselves for the return of the students, keeping an eye on school news. But with the return of the students comes the age-old problem-my bestie and I are in the same class.

Cool, we can sit next to each other. But what if we don't? Cellular phone text …oh wait…they confiscate our phones at the beginning of the class day or if we make a call or text. Girl, we can pass notes. But now, some may be homeschooled.

Could you prevent the texting or note passing of those who are homeschooled?

The answer is actually "No." But you still have your class rules listed for your students. And one of those said rules is…" No note passing." How did you and your bestie handle that in the actual classroom?

Well, you might have still snuck notes. I did but it wasn't always for me. Most students passed notes in between classes, during bathroom breaks through a fellow student going to the band practice, library, main office, etc.

Now virtual school basically almost ensures no note passing. How?

Virtual classroom

The virtual class is mostly done in your own home. You use your internet and computer unless you are supplied with a laptop by the school. Since this is a classroom inside your home- is your best friend, your bestie, there?

But for those who are attending a school in another family's house because they have the internet and your family doesn't-is your bestie's house where you go?

Now can you pass notes to your bestie? However you do it during this time, your classroom rules will still apply. And you are on the honor system. Plus, drum roll…your parents' home becomes your classroom monitor. Who's worse- your teacher or your parents?

But here are some tried and true ways of passing notes whether in virtual school or regular in-person school:

1. Share your notebook; and

2. Pass a note at the beginning of class and respond in between classes.

This, however, with online instruction will be the barometer of student attention and the determining factor in it being used to put forth the idea of virtual school all the time. However, you and your bestie don't worry about that. Why?

Shared virtual class

If you can, try and go to virtual school together. Or if you have the option to go to school or do a hybrid. This way you get the benefits of social distancing with actual learning, face time with your bestie, and hopefully, now a good education.

This is because you pay attention to your instructors, who are your school teachers online. Through their use of google docs, google drive, and a quick recap of technical education, translation, a review on how to use your computer, and how to sign in to the correct classroom website for school, your classmates can have a regular school day. But for how long?

Technologically challenged students

What about your district? Friends all over the world are still facing school from home. Some are still going to have to find a place to go online; most schools offer some assistance by providing school laptop property. Others are not so lucky. They must attend school in person. These students are technologically challenged. But they are also the most at risk.

District offices of schools do offer some assistance to their students regarding school, lessons, missed time, and missed work due to coronavirus and the coronavirus outbreak. But even the districts may not be able to help all the students.

It is still a time of learning and teaching. You have learning parents, which means not only teenage mothers but also adult parents. Passing notes to your bestie when you are a teen parent may not happen as much as passing a note to the baby daddy. But it does happen.

They could share notes from class as well as a personal message. They could share screens to complete a classroom assignment when assigned for them to do in pairs. This all enables the passing of notes.

What do passing notes enable you, the student to do?

Google classroom is how many students will attend virtual school unless the schools use any of these other programs: Zoom, Webex, or Google Hangouts.

All enable you to see each other via virtual screens and share screens to ensure information is shared. Sharing of screens allows the actual teacher to share her notes on the whiteboard or chalkboard just as if you were in the actual class.

It allows the students to send to the teacher their work completed in Do Now, small groups, classroom assignments, tests, quizzes, and homework assignments.

But what about the book report, or diorama or oral book report? How do we accomplish that? Also, if I work with a classmate, how do we give our oral or book report simultaneously?

You can share work in google classroom, but I don't believe that you and your classmate will not be over each other's houses working on the assignment.

One library said visitors could use their computers at certain locations only. You are wondering what does this has to do with how do you pass notes to your bestie?

In regards to you writing a book report that is written or oral- you, the students and your friends can spend time together without using classroom time to complete an assignment and talk as a way of passing notes. Also, verbal communication is sometimes preferred to written. Not only that, but you can also make it a date night or asleep overnight or something like that.

What happens after a complete return to in-school lessons?

Come January 2021, if the schedule stays the same then nothing changes. For parents who have lost their jobs due to their child being home and inability to find childcare, things may get worse.

The resources are available for childcare and monetary assistance. Some will use their older teenage children and others may utilize babysitters.

For the students who are teenage parents and the only provider, their issue compounds. Some are in school and paying for their apartment. Others are in a home for unwed mothers that also gives them childcare and access to school. For them passing notes is somewhat a way of life.

The mothers go to class and take notes. They exchange numbers, classroom notes, and assignments. The teenage mothers learn how to operate in a business world with a minor.

For those who are just teenagers with no other worries, they go to class, text their friend, share a notebook, share a classroom assignment via email and others attempt to video call privately during online instruction. The last is not recommended.

Welp- I guess some teachers will be mad at me. Why? Because I told you how to pass a note to your bestie while in virtual school and actual school. But I am sure most of you already have that handled.

However, you and your bestie attend class, share information both school and personal, never forget to wear your mask and protect your neighbor.

Be safe in America and the World.