Partner In Crime - 10 Reasons A Best Friend Is Necessary For A Happy Life

Partner In Crime – 10 Reasons A Best Friend Is Necessary For A Happy Life

A partner in crime is the best type of friend you could ever have. This type of friend is your other half, your yin to their yang. You get to be your true self with this kind of friend, without judgment. Because you're just alike! Here are ten reasons you absolutely need to have a partner in crime in your life.

Partners In Crime

If you want to live a happy, balanced life, you need to have a partner-in-crime. Someone you can trust with anything without fear that they'll turn on you.


A person who goes on adventures with you. Relationships can come and go. But the right kind of friendship will never end.

A partner in crime will be there for you through life's ups and downs. They're your support system and your cheerleader. They keep you in check and got your back when you're in a corner.

Here are ten reasons why everyone needs a partner in crime in their lives.


1. You Know What To Expect

When it comes to a partner in crime, you're never surprised by anything that happens. You share the same personality and similar thought processes.

If your PIC says they've made plans, you trust that you'll have a good time because they know what you like and don't.

If something funny catches their eye, you can bet they'll say some crazy, off-the-wall comment, which is what you're already thinking.


2. Being With Your BFF Isn't Taxing

When you're together, you're in sync. It doesn't matter if you've spent the whole day together or you've been bunking together for a month while you search for a new place.

And when you're not around each other, you're still communicating and making new plans to get together. You never feel like you need a break from your partner in crime.


If you're doing stuff without your PIC, you tell them so much about it that they feel as if they were there with you.

3. They Are Your First Call When You're Making Plans

When it's time to make plans to check out the new club downtown or to grab concert tickets to your favorite band, your PIC is your first call.


You wouldn't think of doing something without them because you know you wouldn't have nearly as much fun alone.

Even when you spring something on your friend at the last minute, they will be ready to go. Minimal questions asked.

4. A Best Friend Never Gives Rainchecks

A true partner in crime is always down to have a good time. They never tell you maybe next time.


Want to have pancakes in your pj's at three in the morning? She'll pick you up in twenty minutes. Waffle House, here you come.

Need a wingman for an accidental bump into your crush? She's helping with recon to form the perfect plan even after working a long shift. Who needs sleep when you have a BFF in need?

5. You Know You're Important To Your Best Friend

No matter what you're dealing with, you know you can talk about it with your PIC. When you call their phone, your friend will pick you up.


Even just a simple emoji text message is enough for your friend to know exactly what you mean, no explanation needed.

You know you'll never have to worry about being ghosted. If they're unavailable at the moment, you'll hear from them as soon as they're free.

6. You've Got Their Full Support

A true partner in crime has your back at all times. If rumors are flying about you, she's standing up for you, setting the record straight.


You can tell her your secrets without concern that they'll be shared with the wrong people. Your weaknesses are safe with a real best friend.

If you've got goals, they've got a bottomless pit of inspiration and support to keep you moving towards getting what you want.

7. They Love The Real You

When it comes to spending time with your best friend, they love you for real you. You can show the vulnerable parts that you hide from the world.


Hanging with your soul mate means you don't have to hide the person you are. You can be goofy and weird, and unfiltered. No judging.

You never experience embarrassment around your partner in crime. You just laugh off the situation and keep going.

8. You Have A Mental Connection

When you spend a lot of time with someone, you tend to start thinking alike. With a real partner in crime, you will frequently finish each other's sentences or take the words right out of each other's mouths.


The more time you spend together, the closer you and your friend will become. Don't be surprised if one day you're feeling in a funk and get a random text from your PIC asking what's wrong.

My ride or die seems to know the second I need her. It's like she can sense when my psyche gets out of balance, even from miles away.

9. You've Got The Same Tastes

Going out to eat with your best friend is easy peasy. You share the same tastes, so you always agree on where to grab a meal.


And most of the time, you can save a ton of cash by splitting your food. My girl and I always share an appetizer and split two entrees so we've got a taste of everything.

You don't clash over the music to listen to or what show to binge-watch on your next girl's night in. You've already agreed without discussing it.

10. They Never Let You Down

Part of having a partner in crime is that you'll always have someone to be there for you. Any time you need anything, they're just a phone call away.


Even if they have to drop everything they're doing, they'll do so without hesitation. They've never let you down in the past. And you know they never will in the future either.

Through thick or thin, your best friend will be along for the ride. And what a journey it will be!

Appreciate Your Secret Weapon To Happiness

If you want to be happy in life, you need to have a strong supportive friend with that you can be yourself around. Someone who will stick with you through all that life throws at you. Someone you can trust with all your secrets. A partner in crime is a crucial part of being successful.