Paris Hilton Says She Was Playing A Dumb Blonde All These Years And Debuts Real Voice

paris hilton says she was playing a dumb blonde all these years and debuts real voice

If you always thought Paris Hilton was a classic dumb blonde, then she got you too. According to a recent revelation, she has been pretending to be a dumb blonde, but now, that's behind her.

The loaded heiress with a popular sex tape has been promoting the wrong impression about herself. She is not the pretty dumbass you always thought she was.

Understandably, some people might have a hard time believing this, but if you take her new documentary "This Is Paris" seriously, then you will have no option but to change your mind. She tries to create this impression by also revealing that she was using a fake voice all along.


You know her for her dippy baby voice, but that is not her real voice. If you are confused about this, you are not alone.

To help you understand what this actually means, check out this clip and get a taste for her real voice:


Surprised? Who wouldn't be?

Clearly, this is quite crazy, and it really sells her argument that she has been faking being a dumb blonde, a stereotype that is not exactly hard to sell.

Could She Be Telling The Truth?

However, it is also possible the popular heiress has not been acting. It might be that she has evolved as a person to the point where she can act a lot more differently today.


We are all shaped by the experiences we face every day, and this is probably what has happened to Paris.

This revelation could be the biggest hoax of all as she might be trying to rebrand herself and ditch her former reputation as a notorious party girl.

A lot of people on Twitter seem to think she is telling the truth about faking her former life. However, her claims are not that believable considering the countless times she was caught getting wasted and partying round the clock back then.


Still, if you are a Paris fan, watching the documentary might be worthwhile. Based on the trailer, it seems like a pretty satisfying watch, and that counts for something.