Paris Hilton Breaks Down In Tears As She Says Her Sex Tape Release Was Like 'Being Raped'

Paris Hilton Breaks Down In Tears As She Says Her Sex Tape Release Was Like ‘being Raped’

Paris Hilton, the 37-year old Hilton Chain of Hotels heiress, shed tears as she talked about the explicit video that made her famous.

The tape was made public by her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, who released it in 2004 as a porn movie going by the name "1 Night in Paris."

Since its release, she has always stated that she knew nothing about the release and it was mere coincidence that it happened at the same time she was debuting "The Simple Life in 2003," which was her primary reality show.

The timing of the tape and reality show has always been suspect. Many people were convinced that it was aimed at increasing her popularity, something she's vehemently denied.

In her latest confession, she compared the release of the explicit tape to being raped. She says that she felt exposed, violated, humiliated, and had trouble coming to terms with what was happening.

While talking about in "The American Meme," a Netflix documentary, she could not hold back her tears as she narrated her ordeal.

"My entire life literally changed overnight," she was quoted saying.

Paris states that the humiliation and feeling of violation made her stay at home because she felt that people were laughing at her and making fun of the entire episode. Rather than going out into the streets, she sought refuge in her home.

The American television personality, model, socialite, actress, and businesswoman, further says that she didn't leave her home for months as she felt that her soul had been ripped to pieces. She had lost her credibility. Worse still was that people seemed very judgmental and cruel to her.

Her initial objection to the tape's release saw Rick Salomon, her ex-boyfriend, sue her for defamation, and in retaliation, she countersued him for releasing the tape without her approval.

This led to a bitter court battle over the sex tape. The ugly legal battle saw the warring parties settle the matter out of court in 2005.

In the "The American Meme" documentary, Paris Hilton confesses that "fame" can be very lonely. In fact, she states that she is closer to her fans and followers than her family.