Parents Urged To Check Their Pool Noodles As There May Be Snakes Living Inside


Snakes are one of the most dangerous and petrifying creatures you can encounter while unaware. These animals may seem small and nonthreatening, but they're harmful to humans and domestic animals.

Snake habitats are rare to find in most parts of the country, but there're some regions where residents see them every day. Sometimes you can even find them in unusual places such as pool noodles.

According to the City of Buckeye Fire Department, some Arizona residents have found snakes hiding in pool noodles. The family was planning to go for a swim when they discovered rattlesnakes inside bendy toys.


Nobody got injured in this incidence. They also noticed young rattlesnakes inside the noodles.

Arizona Buckeye Police Department is warning residents to exhibit caution after the family found snakes in the noodles. The police released a statement stating that this incidence happened due to storing pool noodles for a long time against the wall near the pool.

On one of the occasions, the residents found a snake snuck inside the noodle. When they lifted this swimming gear, the snake fell out of the noodle.


City of Buckeye Fire Department also shared a Facebook post saying that the department has received a report that snakes are now laying eggs inside pool noodles. This occurrence was discovered when a citizen picked noodles that were left outdoors.

The department also shared a shocking report that snakes are finding pool noodles to be suitable habitats for laying eggs.

The department is now advising people, especially Arizona residents, to keep their pool noodles locked up or inside the house.


Snakes can also hide in sheds, and it can be hazardous to your kids when they want to go swimming only to discover snakes on their noodles.

The post also says that even to those who don't live in areas populated with snakes, you need to be careful. If snakes can hide inside the noodles, other spooky animals can probably crawl inside them.


The department has also offered tips and what you should do if you encounter scary snakes in your noodles. They advise you to remain calm.

"The worst things to do when you come across rattlesnakes is panicking," they stated.

They added that snakes depend on ground vibration to locate predators or their prey. So, if you start ruining or moving fast, you'll only scare the snake, and it might attack you.

The department also said rattlesnakes don't bite unless they're disturbed or feel the need to protect themselves. The post continues to say that the best thing is to stand still, and the snakes will disappear without causing you harm.