Parents: Looking After Your Kids Makes My Heart Glow

Parents: Looking After Your Kids Makes My Heart Glow

I hope that all the parents out there know how much their efforts to look after their children are appreciated and that they all know that they are great parents.

I know how fraught and confusing parenting can be, and how difficult it can be to know that you are doing the right thing for you and your children. So long as you're trying, you can't go far wrong in my book.

But aren't kids just the darnedest things?

I look after a daycare centre for a living and it brings my heart joy every day to see the children that cry when their parents leave them while others waddle away quite ignorant to the tears in their parents' eyes. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, and we're here to help.

But, for the moments that are overwhelming, impossible, or difficult to put into words, here are some of the fun, giggle-worthy, heartwarming moments that I have compiled over the course of the past week.

Here are four special occurrences that made up for their nonsense (which I say with great affection, obviously):

1. They will lie, the little tykes!

There's nothing more guiltily joyful than a toddler who has been caught literally red-handed trying to draw a Manchester United shirt on the wall with a permanent marker. You will ask them if they know what happened and the precocious queens will without fail simper 'No!'. Don't let them testify, people! They're lawless, the lot of 'em.

2. When one of them is allowed to hold your hand, they all want in, right?!

I know I'm something of a catch, but it's always nice to have six scrambling children doubly confirm that and at the same time restore your faith in humanity. Apparently, affection is catching! Go figure.

3. They are always sticky, despite all odds indicating otherwise.

I will have literally just wiped them down after bath-time or nap-time. Or even while just reading a book, for heaven's sake, and yet, somehow, incredibly, they will have found a way to accrue on their person some sort of gunk or slime or mess. And get it all over your shirt. But you can't complain though, because they were hugging you at the time, bless 'em.

4. Their premature attempts to talk.

When we're excited we spout some real nonsense to our friends, it's only natural. However, babies don't really have that level of cognitive control yet so they do all they can to approximate some sort of gurgling communicative sound to convey that they want in on this talking lark too. I'm not saying that they succeed, per se, however, they certainly get my attention by shrieking and gargling out something like 'Harrung?'. They tried. This noise was accompanied by them flinging themselves into my arms, with complete abandon to their own sense of self-preservation, so I can only assume that they wanted another hug. I'll say it for the millionth time: bless them.

I mean, I could go on, but I really ought to stop there unless you guys want a full-length novel filled with the day to day aspects of my job that make it the best part of my week.

Maybe that's sad, but it's also extremely cute from where I'm standing.

As you were.