Parents Fight In Movie Theater During The Little Mermaid Screening

A showing of Disney's newest live-action remake, The Little Mermaid, turned into a total mess when a fight broke out between two families at a movie theater in Orlando.


A TikTok user, @soso_hyppolite, recorded a video showing two parents arguing while the movie, The Little Mermaid, continued playing in the background.

As the argument progressed, more adults joined in and the yelling became louder.

In the background, a frustrated moviegoer can be heard saying, "I want my money back!"

Another person can be heard attempting to calm the situation down.


The video capturing the brawl has gone viral on TikTok, amassing over five million views.


The TikToker who recorded the incident shared a subsequent video, explaining that the fight had erupted "over a seat".

"The lady that was saying 'in front of my daughter, in front of my daughter', her and her family bought that whole row," she said.

"And the lady she was arguing with, her and her family bought the row in front of that row. I guess she thought nobody was going to come for those seats.


"When the girl came and told her 'This is my seat', the lady caught an attitude and told her she should go and sit somewhere else as there were other empty seats."

"Eventually somebody ran outside to go get security and security came and kicked both parties out."

So, this was essentially an argument about a seating arrangement.


Later, the TikToker mentioned that the theater management had decided to give everyone a refund and restart the movie from the point where the argument began.

Interestingly, the mother involved in the fight decided not to take the refund because of her admiration for Halle Bailey, the actress who portrayed Ariel in the film.

Nevertheless, fans were appalled by the behavior exhibited by the two conflicting families.


A viewer expressed their disappointment, stating: "And this is why I'll wait for it to stream on Disney Plus. This behavior is just straight uncalled for especially in front of children."

Another wrote: "This why I wait a few weeks until a new movie comes out. It be way too crowded for me! Way too many ignorant people that want to be loud and rude!"

A TikTok user commented: "Halle trying to swim with Sebastian and they trying to fight. People need to control their emotions better this is wild."


Someone else joked: "Not during Halle's Little Mermaid! The AUDACITY!"