Parental Guidance: 17 Reasons To Listen To Your Mom

As you progress through your twenties, your relationship with your mother completes a cycle. As a child, you view her as the ultimate authority, but by adolescence, you begin to question her knowledge and by your teenage years, you may feel that she knows nothing about you. However, as you enter adulthood, you come to realize once more that your mother is not only great, but also wise. Reflecting on this, you may wish you had sought her advice during your teenage years, as it could have prevented many missteps.


As an adult, you are now in a position to have a mature relationship with your mother. It is important to actively listen to and consider her advice.

1. She knows you better than anybody

Your mother has known you longer than anyone else, as she carried you for nine months before your birth. This experience gives her a unique understanding of you and makes her the one who knows you best.


2. Actually, she probably knows you better than you know yourself

Though it may be difficult to acknowledge, your mother has witnessed your development from conception to adulthood, giving her a unique perspective on your growth. This perspective is something that you lack.

3. You can trust her implicitly

Unlike others in your life, your mother's intentions are always pure and her advice is always honest. She will always be straightforward with you.


4. She only has your best interest at heart

As you have grown, you likely now understand that any discipline or boundaries your mother set for you as a child were to keep you safe and content. Her primary concern has always been and will always be your well-being.

5. She has a lifetime of experience you don't have

It may be difficult to grasp, but your mother was once your age and has gone through similar experiences as you. She has loved and lost, faced similar stressors, and has gained valuable life experience.


6. She always has time for you

Can you think of anyone else who would put their own life on hold to be there for you without hesitation? It's unlikely, as that level of devotion is typically exclusive to mothers.

7. It will enhance your already awesome relationship (or make it better)

By actively listening to your mother, you demonstrate respect for her. And when you respect someone, your relationship with them tends to improve. Consider showing your mother the respect she deserves.


8. You actually don't know it all

An important realization: You do not possess all the answers and it is unlikely that you ever will, as you are human. However, your mother is more likely to have a better understanding of life's complexities than you do.

9. She's cooler than you think

Admit it, your mother is cool! Where do you think you inherited your great sense of humor from?


10. She always has your back

It is known that even if their child is a serial killer, their mothers still stand by them. This is because it is in a mother's nature to always support and love their child, no matter what.

11. She makes more of an effort than most

While your mother knows you intimately, you may still be confusing at times. Your mother makes a genuine effort to understand you in ways that others may not.


12. You usually forget a jacket

Only your mother truly cares about whether you wear a coat or not, because she wants to make sure you stay healthy.

13. She'll let you repeat yourself, and will never complain

Even if she is juggling multiple tasks at the same time, such as when you have repeatedly complained about your ex 300 times, she still makes herself available to listen to you.


14. She delights in your happiness more than anyone else

Your mother experiences the same emotions as you do, so when you are hurting, she also feels the pain. Similarly, when you are happy, it brings her joy.

15. She literally thinks you're the absolute best

Your mother has been boasting about you to anyone who will listen for years, and there's a good reason for that. Simply by existing, you make her proud.


16. She loves you more than anyone else could

You were connected by an umbilical cord, lived inside of her, and she was willing to change your dirty diapers in the early years of your life. No one could possibly love you more than your mother does.

17. You're going to be just like her one day

Given all the facts, it would be wise to accept this and listen to your mother's advice. After all, you will want your own daughter to listen to your wisdom in the future as well.