Paramedic Breaks Into Tears As Entire Street Applauds Her On Her Way To Work

A paramedic was overwhelmed with emotions when her entire neighborhood came out to pay her tribute as she was leaving for her shift—someone even left a box of chocolate in her car.

Throughout the world, healthcare workers are being put to the test as they struggle to combat the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Their bravery in the face of the global pandemic has led to many instances of these incredible men and women being honored with the tributes they deserve.

Recently, for instance, one overwhelmed paramedic has been filmed breaking down in tears after residents in her entire street came out of their houses to applaud her as she left for yet another shift on the frontline against the coronavirus.

The video was filmed in Basingstoke, England, and shows Tayla Porter stepping out of her home only to be greeted by the residents of her street cheering and clapping as she made her way to the car.

Entirely overwhelmed by the heartwarming gesture, Tayla was left with her head in her hands.

paramedic breaks into tears as entire street applauds her on her way to work

Speaking of the heartwarming moment, Taylor’s mom, Ali, said:

“We barely know anyone on our street. You see each other daily, but you don’t know each other’s names.”

“It was overwhelming for all of us. Tayla just couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that people would even notice what she’s doing. She just loves her job.”

“I had no idea the whole street would come out. I just thought it might be our next-door neighbors and the house opposite. What I didn’t realize was that every single house had at least one person come out to clap her.”

“It carried on all the way up to our street, and you could hear them clapping all the way up the next street too. It must have been people texting people or word of mouth because not everyone is on there.”

“I was so emotional, I could barely speak. It was just overwhelming pride.”

paramedic breaks into tears as entire street applauds her on her way to work

And the video of Tayla being applauded went viral online, with the lovely moment being viewed more than 700,000 times and shared over 48,000 times on Facebook.

Her mom added:

“It’s been so overwhelming. It’s amazing how everyone has come together. I feel like our village is closer.”

“You’ve got more time for people and appreciate them more now. It brings you closer.”

The video has dozens of comments, with one person writing:

“Amazing work Tayla, we are all so grateful.”

paramedic breaks into tears as entire street applauds her on her way to work

Taylor’s father also wrote:

“Very proud of my daughter and truly lost for words for my neighbors in Queens Road and ours coming out to show their appreciation of the great effort of the NHS and their dedicated staff. Thanks to everyone.”