Pals Take Part In 'Humiliating' Challenges To Raise Money For Charity

pals take part in ‘humiliating’ challenges to raise money for charity

These men are 'humiliating themselves' with a series of challenges, including running a mile in a mankini to raise money for a mental health charity.

Jack Mustill, Jordan Cowan, Ben Kelly, and their five roommates at Nottingham Trent University, England, have embarked on an 'unusual' challenge to raise money for charity.

The eight friends were on placement years during the first lockdown. So, just like everyone else, they struggled with not being able to socialize.

pals take part in 'humiliating' challenges to raise money for charity

After reuniting in their student house, they decided to do something for charity.

At first, they started with simple challenges to attract benefactors. But now, they're taking part in all manner of bizarre and humiliating challenges you can think of.

For instance, Jack and Jordan waxed their legs, filming the painful ordeal for us all to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Ben, Charlie Bell, and Jack Goodhand ran a mile in the chilly England weather wearing nothing but mankinis.

pals take part in 'humiliating' challenges to raise money for charity

Speaking of their mission, Ben said:

"Lockdown without my flatmates was really tough, especially when you're working from home."

"It's just a bit s***** after a day's work you'd normally be going to the pub or having a bit of social interaction."

"As a house of eight, we are quite a social group, so that's why we struggled with it so much. Having that group chat there to help us [was great] because we were all separated at that point."

"A few of us have either had someone who has experienced [depression or suicide] or had someone close to us experience it, which makes us want to do it more."

"Before lockdown happened, I had a breakup with my girlfriend, and going into lockdown, I felt like s***."

Ben continued:

"Having low moods and feeling anxious and stressed, which as an outgoing person I wasn't really familiar with."

"Having that support network of my friends and family picking me up, I felt so much better for that."

"Even if we just help one person [it will be worth it]."

"As young men, we are willing to say: sometimes you have a s*** day, and sometimes you feel a bit low, stressed and anxious. But it doesn't mean you need to sit on that."

"Speak out about it, and you'll feel so much better."

pals take part in 'humiliating' challenges to raise money for charity

Ben and his friend then set up a GoFundMe page hoping to raise £1,000 ($1,330)

And within 48 hours, they had hit their target, garnering more than £1,900 ($2,500).

The group has now raised more than £2,600 ($3,480) at the time of writing.

The eight are also hoping their humiliating challenges can help raise awareness of people struggling with mental health.

Ben said:

"I'm lucky to have seven of my closest mates around me now. If I feel down, I tell them and we support each other."

"Some people don't have that. And that's why we are referring people who don't have that to use those helplines such as MIND and the Samaritans."

"It never got to that point for any of us, but having those low moods and feeling stressed, we felt that opening up to your mates should be a normal thing. It shouldn't be taboo."

"Being male, sometimes you feel like you can't show certain emotions. But no. It's fine and you can."

"That's what we're trying to get across with our fundraiser."

Apparently, Ben and his seven friends aren't alone in such challenges.

Recently, a woman cycled 10 miles around London completely naked to raise money for suicide prevention.

pals take part in 'humiliating' challenges to raise money for charity

Kerri Barnes felt compelled to do something after losing a cousin to suicide and seeing the shocking statistics around mental health.

While wondering what she should do to raise cash, her friend jokingly suggested she do a naked bike ride.

That is precisely what she did.