Owen Wilson Pays $25,000 A Month For His Baby Who He Has Never Met

Owen Wilson Pays $25,000 A Month For His Baby Who He Has Never Met

Based on some of his most popular film roles, Owen Wilson seems like one of the greatest dads out there. Sadly, this is not the case.

Although he is a father of three children, who all have different mothers, he only sees two of them, both sons, regularly.

He has chosen to ignore his daughter, whom he has never met. However, he pays $25k a month as child support for the little girl.

Owen is now in his fifties, and he has three children from three past relationships. Nevertheless, the actor has never seen his youngest child, born in October 2018.

His partner Varunie Vongsvirates filed a paternity case after the actor denied that the girl, Lyla Aranya Wilson, was his.

The girl has an uncanny resemblance to him, and he claims he does not want visitation rights because he does not think Lyla is his daughter. That is why he asked for a DNA test, which showed that he was the child's biological father.

Spending Money On A Child He Has Never Seen

Of course, once DNA results proved that he was the child's father, he had to support her financially. The court determined that he had to pay $25,000 a month to his ex so that she could take care of their daughter.

He also added the girl to his Screen Actor's Guild medical insurance. On top of the monthly payments, he also had to pay $70,000 to cover the cost of the girl's labor coach, night nurse, and his ex-girlfriend's attorney fees.

At the moment, the girl's mother makes all decisions about the girl concerning her medication and education. It is clear that Wilson does not want to be part of the girl's or her mother's life.

Vongsvirates Would Like Wilson To Meet His Daughter

According to documents the former couple signed, they were not going to slander each other in public, in interviews, or online.

However, Vongsvirates has said that she would still love it if Wilson met his daughter.

When she was asked if she had a message for him, she said he should meet his daughter because she is an incredible girl and is missing out.

She also said that the girl looked just like him. According to Vongsvirates, Layla needs her father and his time and attention, just like his sons Ford and Finn.

We can only hope that the actor will change his stance about seeing his daughter and step up to make sure that the girl does not grow up feeling like her dad did not love her.