Overzealous Pooping Effort Makes Woman Forget Last Ten Years Of Her Life

Overzealous Pooping Effort Makes Woman Forget Last Ten Years Of Her Life

When you gotta go, you gotta go. When nature calls, you have no option but to answer. One woman got a little too 'enthusiastic,' and she paid an unusual cost for her unprecedented effort while on the throne.

The toilets we use today have been around since 1596. And we have Sir John Harrington to thank for the ingenious invention.

We are still quite proud of this achievement.

That's probably why we spend so much time doing our duty. If you think that you don't spend too much time sitting on a commode, you are wrong.

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A study has found out that average folk spends about three hours and nine minutes on the toilet every week!

That's probably enough time to watch two of your favorite movies.

Today, our focus is not on how much time we spend on the toilet. Rather, it's the effort you make when doing your thing that's now a concern.

A woman in Hong Kong wiped off 10 years of her memory temporarily for putting in far too much effort while pooping. To be fair, the effort was justified since the woman had been constipated for two straight weeks.

So, something had to be done

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When nature gave her a chance to ease her discomfort, she gave it her all. She made the maximum effort during her time on the porcelain throne.

Things seemed to have gone well for the woman, but her family was baffled when she finally got out.

She could remember nothing from her past decade of life. She was scared, and justifiably so.

A visit to the washroom should not come at such a high cost.

Luckily, the peculiar bout of amnesia only lasted eight hours. That did not ease the family's fears concerning the woman.

However, a doctor at a hospital they visited helped clarify what might have happened.

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Luckily, her brain was fine.

According to a neurosurgeon, the excessive force she used probably resulted in too much abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure. The outcome would have been inadequate oxygen levels in the brain and hence short-term memory loss.

That's a fancy way of saying this woman tried too much while pooping.

Other people likely to face the same problem include people who carry heavy objects and let their emotions run high.

Such people should have a checkup every once in a while, as they are also 30% more likely to get a stroke.

What does this tell you?

That the next time you visit the washroom, be gentle. Unless, of course, you have done some things in the past 10 years you would like to forget completely for some time.

Why not try using some constipation medication and avoid this situation altogether?