Outrage Over Death Row Killer's Huge Last Meal

The 'Ninja killer', as he has come to be known, shocked and disgusted many with the enormous feast he indulged in as his final meal on death row.

Without any restraint, he ordered an extravagant banquet and consumed a staggering amount of food just moments before facing the lethal injection. This gluttonous display has left people appalled by the sheer size of his last meal.

In 1989, Louis Bernard Gaskin, aged 56, was found guilty and convicted for the brutal murder of Robert Sturmfels, aged 56, and Georgette Sturmfels, aged 55.

Gaskin ruthlessly ended the lives of the Sturmfels couple with a .22-caliber rifle in their winter home located on Florida's northeastern coast, where they were visiting from New Jersey.

In addition to the murder charges, Gaskin was also found guilty of armed robbery and burglary, as well as the attempted murder of Joseph and Mary Rector that same fateful night.

Gaskin was found to have stolen several items, including a clock, two lamps, and a videocassette recorder, from the Sturmfels' home.

These stolen items were later discovered at his residence. Local media reported that Gaskin readily confessed to these heinous crimes and even revealed to a psychologist before his trial that he was fully aware of his actions.

"The guilt was always there," he said. "The devil had more of a hold than God did. I knew that I was wrong. I wasn't insane."

Gaskin earned the moniker of the 'Ninja killer' due to his choice of attire during the crimes, donning all-black ninja clothing.

However, after over three decades, Gaskin has finally been executed by the state. The Department of Corrections' spokesperson, Kayla McLaughlin Smith, issued a statement on the matter during a news conference.

The spokesperson, Kayla McLaughlin Smith, confirmed that on Wednesday, April 12, Gaskin woke up at 4:45 a.m. and had his final meal at 9:45 a.m.

His last meal consisted of BBQ pork ribs, pork and turkey neck, Buffalo wings, shrimp fried rice, french fries, and water. Gaskin then received the lethal injection at 6:15 p.m. local time, as stated by Florida's governor's office.

After spending 33 years on death row, the 56-year-old Gaskin's final meal has sparked widespread outrage due to the excessive amount of food he requested.

A Twitter user expressed their indignation, stating: "Man eats better on death row than I do with no felonies."

"I can never understand how prisoners awaiting execution could even want to eat a last meal, let alone a feast," another commented.

"They should've fed this scum a bowl of plain oatmeal and a bag of rice cakes!!" a third expressed.

"Should have gave him roadkill and motor oil," someone else thought.