Outback Staff's Surprise Message On Cops' Receipt

Most police officers risk their lives to protect the public. Back in 2015, in Slidell, Louisiana, two employees at an Outback Steakhouse decided to show their gratitude for these officers' dedication. It turned into a heartwarming story that captured the internet's affection.

These officers were on their usual shift when they decided to grab a meal at Outback Steakhouse. The restaurant staff, including the waiter and the manager, noticed their police uniforms as they entered. The service was ordinary, nothing out of the ordinary, until it was time to settle the bill. That's when something extraordinary happened. It turned out that these four officers were regular patrons known for their generosity.

Cops Deserve A Random Act Of Kindness

The manager, Arline Wood, and the waitress, Zoe Rao, recognized them well. Arline had been with the company for 18 years, so she understood the value of appreciating customers. Both Zoe and Arline held a special fondness for these police officers.

Zoe remarked, "They're the sweetest guys. I enjoy waiting on them."

So, these two employees came up with a straightforward idea to brighten the officers' night – they decided to treat them to a complimentary dinner!

The bill for the meal amounted to $67. But when it reached the officers' table, it came with a heartwarming message: "Be safe! Thank y'all for y'all's service. Enjoy y'all's meal's on us – Arline & Zoe."

When asked about their motive, Arline explained: "They care about their community. They care about everybody. They're just great guys and these guys at night, I went to Zoe and I said, let's just take care of it."

The Slidell Police Department caught wind of the story and decided to express their gratitude in their own fashion. They shared a photo of the receipt on their Facebook page, along with the following statement: "Words can't describe how this makes all of us feel. Thank you Ms. Arlene and Zoe for being so kind and showing your appreciation for law enforcement."

Furthermore, to address any potential online controversy regarding their actions, the SPD also issued an additional disclaimer: "This is not meant to take away from the act of kindness, but due to ethics laws and Slidell PD policy, officers left a very generous tip that covered the cost of the bill. It truly is a shame that we even have to put this disclaimer, but with the world we live in, we unfortunately have to."

The Manager Did Not Expect The Reaction

The generous act towards the cops quickly gained widespread attention on the internet. However, this initially made Arline and Zoe somewhat uneasy. Arline received an early morning phone call the next day discussing the incident. Subsequently, they received several more calls before they checked their Facebook accounts. They were taken aback to discover that the story had been shared extensively across various platforms. In response to the newfound attention, Arline expressed the following sentiment: "…we didn't do it for this publicity, because Lord knows I don't like all this publicity."

Nonetheless, Arline and Zoe aspire that their generous act will serve as an inspiration for others to similarly show their appreciation towards police officers. There was at least one more incident in 2017 resembling this when a child paid for a police officer's meal at a Danny's restaurant in Florida. For the child, becoming a police officer was a dream, so it was his modest way of expressing gratitude. After all, it doesn't require much effort to convey your thanks!