Ouija Board: Myth Or Reality?

Ouija Board: Myth or Reality?

The Mysterious Board—Assuming that you have heard of Ouija boards before, you may have even tried one, you have a friend who has tried one or you heard about the ghostly tales that surround it. There are those who believe in it, and at the same time, there are critics. What do you think when it comes to Ouija boards?

Some people do not accept that the board is associated with supernatural capabilities, although they have gone ahead to try it anyway. There are also those individuals who have been clobbered by fear so much that they will never try an Ouija because they associate it with evil or demons.

My Curiosity

This fascinating belief always aroused my curiosity. During my childhood, I always admired watching horror movies against my mother's wishes, just to extract evidence of supernatural activities taking place in our house. I just wanted to know whether ghosts really existed. She didn't care much for my exploratory nature; however, she warned me of the danger that lurks on the other side.

Ghost stories made me fascinated, and as I grew I became more curious. I wanted to be provided with supernatural experience and maybe in time, contact the dead. The whole story about contacting demons and the entities of the paranormal scared me to death since I didn't want to have an evil force stalk me. I had to think and rethink the whole idea. I could still not comprehend whether the Ouija board could disorient the subconscious mind and whether supernatural ability existed.

The effect of ideomotor

One explanation that revolves around the Ouija Board is the effect of Ideomotor. It is an effect where the subconscious mind makes an individual move some muscles very swiftly. The movements are so fast that you may not realize whether you moved the planchette during the Ouija board session.

This could be a sign that there could be some thought in your subconscious mind which you are not aware of, for example, dreaming. Dreams are believed to be the best indicators of thoughts and emotions in your mind that are not expressed. However, the Ouija board can be explained as the effect of ideomotor.

Supernatural explanation

Many people believe that the Ouija Board can lead to other dimensions. The belief is that when trying to make contact into another realm, the Ouija board acts as the gateway, hence allowing communication to take place. This is why it is believed that when several people use Ouija boards at the same time, a stronger presence is felt. You will hear people talk of planchette being moved more quickly.

Homemade board

After completing high school, I developed an interest to try the Ouija board. I did not want to buy one, so I decided to improvise. I took a pizza box and cut off the sides to make it flat. The next thing was to draft the alphabet from A to Z in a curved pattern. After that, I wrote numbers from 0 to 9 in a straight line. I did not forget to indicate the words "hello" and "goodbye." It is one of the formal expressions on Ouija boards. Since I had read how it looks online, I ensured all the features were appropriately fixed.

I successfully completed it. Although the board was not the best, it really looked amazing, and I was highly anxious about trying it.

My experience after trying

The first time I tried the Ouija Board we did it with my boyfriend and his sister. I placed my hand on the planchette and inquired whether there was anyone around. My hands did not move nor did I feel any different. I rested for around 10 minutes and resumed. This time around I could feel the movement of my hands. I enquired whether there was anyone, and my hands went for 'Yes.' The explanation is that either something supernatural had a hand in moving my hands or maybe it was the ideomotor effect.

My boyfriend and his sister added their fingers to the planchette also. The motion increased with the increase of fingers on the planchette. I got weird answers to my puzzles. There was a spirit who claimed to have died in the fire, but other things it was saying made no sense. I asked about the name of the spirit, and the answer was ZOZO. I didn't try it again after that.

ZOZO explanation

I had read before online about the spirit Zozo and the dangers associated with it. However, my brother has used the Ouija board many times, and he has never encountered Zozo. I still can't comprehend if I was being guided by the effects of my ideomotor or something else. It is really incredible, am still not sure whether I encountered the spirit Zozo.

My thoughts

After this experience, I had to think a lot. I could not tell whether it was supernatural or I had already convinced my conscious that it was. Although I sort of do believe that I contacted an evil spirit.

Am not going to use Ouija boards anymore, it was such a scary experience. Up until now I still can't tell why I had to experiment with it. Therefore, I would tell anyone thinking about trying the Ouija board to it at their own risk. It could be a myth conceptualized by your mind or reality since different individuals have had different experiences on the board.