Oscar Viewership Rises To 10.4M In Final Numbers; Remains Least-Watched And Lowest Rated Academy Awards Ever – Update

oscar viewership rises to 10.4m in final numbers; remains least watched & lowest rated academy awards ever – update

Naturally, there is nothing typical about the Oscars. Unfortunately, this year's event, which marked the 93rd Academy Awards, was different in an unfortunate way.

The Los Angeles' Union Station is already back to normal after hosting the grand event. The ambitious production has earned the reputation of being the least-watched and the lowest-rated Oscars in history.

Still, it managed to get a viewership of over 10 million. That is not terrible, unless when talking about this larger-than-life awards ceremony.


In addition to the 10.4 million viewers, the show also managed a disappointing rating of just 2.1 among adults aged between 18 and 49.

ABC was boasting how the 2021 Oscars was their strongest primetime telecast of the year. That may be true, but the reality tells a very different story.

ABC is owned by Disney, and they were also bragging about outdoing CBS's Grammys which attracted 9.2 million viewers. The Academy Awards also outdid the Golden Globes, which had 6.9 million viewers when it aired on NBC in February.


Granted, the Oscars surpassed last September's Emmys, which were watched by 6.4 million people. The Emmys were also broadcast on ABC.

However, even though the Oscars have outdone these awards, they have never been this low.

During the awards, Netflix won most awards, with Disney getting the big prizes, including the Best Picture and Best Animated Film.


Among the key demographics, this year's Oscars have dropped to 64.2% in comparison to the 2020 Oscars.

However, 2020 also marked the previous low for these awards, which means that the disappointing performance is not a huge surprise to anyone.

The coronavirus has dealt a blow to the awards, with the pandemic causing the closure of theaters. On top of that, many Oscar nominees were not highly recognized names in the industry.


So, it was just a question of how bad the awards would be this year, not whether or not they would be terrible.

If things don't change next year, there is no telling how the future of this awards ceremony will be.

The 2021 awards were also available on Hulu+Live, ABC.com, YouTubeTV, and even the ABC app. It is not clear if these numbers will be added to the official total tally ABC is set to release about the award ceremony's viewership later.


However, the all-time low status is not expected to change next year.

On a brighter note, Nomaland, which is streamed by Hulu, a service controlled by Disney, managed to win Best Picture, Best Director (Chloe Zhao), and Best Actress (Frances McDormand).