Oscar Nominee Tems Is Criticized For Her 'Rude' Outfit Blocking People's View

As is customary every year, the 95th Oscars gave celebrities a special opportunity to showcase their most extravagant attire for a single, glamorous night.

Tems, the nominated singer, appeared to have subscribed to the 'go big or go home' philosophy with her white dress, which was immediately criticized by viewers watching from home.

She was nominated for Best Original Song for 'Lift Me Up', which was included in the soundtrack of the Marvel movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, alongside Rihanna, director Ryan Coogler, and Ludwig Goransson.

At the event's champagne-colored carpet, the 'Vibe Out' star impressed her admirers with a fluffy dress designed by Lessja Verlingieri of Lever Couture, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand. However, while Tems' appearance garnered attention before the ceremony began, it also caused some commotion among guests once they were seated.

Tems' ethereal gown was accompanied by a large headpiece that seemed to obstruct the view of those seated behind her. As people on social media discovered, the impractical attire received criticism as sitting behind Tems was akin to standing behind a very tall person at a concert.

Music producer Alex Medina shared a video on Twitter where a woman's head can be seen popping out from behind Tems' veiled headpiece. The unfortunate guest tried to adjust her position for a better view of the stage but with limited success as the hat almost completely obscured her view. Meanwhile, Tems sat unaware of the commotion she had caused in the rows behind her.

Medina wrote: "I'm cryinnnnnnn. tems got that lady fighting for her life."

Internet users criticized the headpiece, deeming it unsuitable for the event. The discussion also drew in some celebrities who were watching the Oscars from their homes, including Mark Hamill, the actor from Star Wars.

He commented: "With my luck, I'd get Oscar tickets, then be seated directly behind the woman wearing that gigantic white veil."

One person commented: "It's rude and obnoxious," while another compared it to a "Sunday church hat."

Another individual was more forgiving, acknowledging that the dress was beautiful, but also a little inconsiderate towards others.

Regarding the award for Best Original Song, Tems, RiRi, and their collaborators lost out to M.M. Keeravaanii and Chandrabose, who were awarded for their work on 'Naatu Naatu,' a piece from the soundtrack of the Indian film RRR.