Oscar Mayer Is Hiring People To Travel Cross-Country In A 27-Foot Wienermobile

Ever considered going on a cross-country road trip? Imagine all the beautiful sights you would see along the way. It's the reason many people look forward to going on a cross-country road trip someday.

Now imagine something better and a little more exciting than taking a trip across several states. Did you know you can now take a road trip and, instead of using your own money, getting paid for it? But there is a catch. You have to travel in a giant hotdog truck.

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But I don't suppose that should be too big of a problem, as road trips need to be memorable and exciting, and I think traveling in this manner certainly qualifies. The truck is 27-foot long, and the trip will take a year. You have to work as you travel.

So, what sort of job is that exactly?

You probably think you will spend your time behind the wheel of this particular automobile.

But that is not what Oscar Mayer, the brains behind this unusual road trip, offers any qualifying candidates.

Instead, you will have to be a 'hotdogger.'

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Have no idea what exactly that means? Don't worry, most people don't know.

According to Mayer, that means you will be a full-time spokesperson once you get in the Wienermobile.

The Wienermobile, for those wondering what I am talking about, is a hotdog-shaped truck the company uses to showcase its signature product.

So, you do not have to deliver or serve any hotdogs. You just have to sing praises about the brand.

It's a pretty good gig if you like the limelight since the job will involve radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, and even attending charity functions.

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Obviously, since this is no ordinary nine-to-five job, certain qualities are required as well.

First of all, you are strongly encouraged to have a college degree, preferably a BA or BS in journalism, public relations, communications, marketing, or even advertising. But other degrees are encouraged as well.

Additionally, you will run the operation like it's your own as you will have to organize promotions and pitch TV, radio, and print media.

Being willing to travel is also a big requirement. According to the job listing, the phrase is "100% travel," which is another way of saying serious traveling will be involved.

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Also, prepare to mingle with people from coast to coast. And you will be self-managed, which means you have to be responsible.

The year-long gig is clearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see what the country is like, but it is also a great way to avoid home for an entire year. You will have a few months to get your affairs in order, though, if that helps.

Being bilingual helps as well.

And what does the job pay? According to Oscar Mayer, you will get a competitive salary, benefits, and even clothing.