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Oreo Released New Caramel Coconut And Chocolate Marshmallow Flavours In 2020

Oreo Released New Caramel Coconut And Chocolate Marshmallow Flavours In 2020

Oreos are easily one of the world's most popular and adored snacks ever. Their chocolatey creaminess mixed with the cookie's crunch is a winning combination. Every flavour released by Oreos has been delicious, and now there are two more flavours to indulge in.

Oreo has released new Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow, and they are as yummy as you would expect. Irresistible temptation, anyone?

The Release Date Was Just In Time to Ruin Our New Year's Resolutions

Oreo dropped their new cookie flavors on 6 January and this was just in time to lure us into temptation despite our New Year's resolutions. But really, we're not complaining. These flavors are worth the guilty feeling you are left with afterward.

Caramel Coconut

This flavor bursts with an amazing taste - it's a delicious caramel creme with real coconut bits stuffed between the classic chocolate cookies we all know and love. The coconut sets this one apart as a rather exotic-tasting cookie. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the mixture of flavors here will please most Oreo lovers.

Chocolate Marshmallow

This is a flavor combination that is a childhood dream come true. Who has never mixed (or at least wanted to) chocolate and marshmallow? A mix made in sweet, sweet heaven.

The chocolate marshmallow flavor has the two chocolate cookies with real pieces of marshmallow squashed between them. The creme that comes with it is also flavored to taste like marshmallows. Is that too much marshmallow? Is there even such a thing as 'too much marshmallow'?

If You Haven't Tried It Yet, Do - It's Worth It

If you're one of the people who have not treated their tastebuds to Oreo's Caramel Coconut or Chocolate Marshmallow flavors yet, what are you waiting for? They've been around for a while now and many of us have already indulged, perhaps a little too much. They're worth a shot. Even if you end up not liking how these cookie flavors taste, it's still an experience for your mouth.

Oreo has decided to treat their fans with Easter Egg Oreos. The previous edition of this tasty snack was purple creme between two oval-shaped cookies. Now, we get Golden Oreo cookies and we can't wait.

They've been colored pink and will be filled with the much-loved original white creme. On top of all the tastiness, the cookies will be decorated with 5 different designs. We look forward to seeing if we can turn our milk pink when we dunk these.

After this, who knows what wacky, sweet and interesting flavors and designs Oreo will come up with next?