Opinion: Why Do People Take So Much Pleasure In Attacking Amber Heard?

Opinion: Why Do People Take So Much Pleasure In Attacking Amber Heard?

Amber Heard was never a beloved actor, but her demise was evident during the defamation trial against Johnny Depp.

Social media were, and still are, flooded with messages of support for Depp. Similarly, the Aquaman actress appears to be public enemy number one. So, why is it that people take pleasure in attacking Amber Heard?

Why Do People Take Enjoy Attacking Amber Heard?

First, we live in uncertain times, so the whole trial of the century, as many called it, was a beautiful distraction. Everyone was good-looking, healthy, rich, and privileged.


Now, Amber's narrative is not easy to follow. She had a chance to testify against her ex when the alleged abuse happened in 2016. She didn't.

Her story went from throwing a phone to rape, which is quite disturbing, giving Depp, a fallen hero, a chance for redemption.

Heard claimed she was not the perfect victim, but that is not true. She is white, gorgeous, and famous. Many initially believed that she was the victim, but the more she spoke, the less credible the public found her.


It is a so-called "the reverse card." Just when we thought we heard it all in 2016, things started to come out. Now, she was the alleged abuser, who allegedly committed the ultimate crime - allegedly lied about rape.

From Hero To Zero

The support Amber received when the allegations first showed up is nothing compared to the hate she gets today. People feel they were coned.


But, to go from supporting someone to passionately hating them is highly problematic. Misogyny is present, regardless of how you feel about Heard or the trial.

It is okay to support Johnny Depp, who took legal actions to clear his name. It is not okay to call Amber every name in the book because she is a human being, and even though her allegations were false, they affected one person who did not slander her. Instead, he chose the legal path.


Simply put, Amber Heard receives more hate than Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein. And that is not helping Depp move on. He once loved this woman, and the best thing to do is ignore her.

How This Case Ties To Ongoing Racial Tensions?

We saw this in a few cases where a white person was falsely accused of racism or racially-driven abuse. It is like people are waiting for this to happen to prove that there is such a thing as "reversed racism," clearly an oxymoron.


If you believe that Amber Heard lied, that is okay. But, do you know how many women suffer domestic abuse, rape, or beatings? Millions in the US alone.

Just like millions of non-white people face discrimination daily, we all know that one case where someone falsely accused a person of racism.

You never see this much hate when the oppressed side, whether it be a woman, an LGBT+ person, or a non-white person, prove they were victims.


Do Not Turn Your Back On Domestic Abuse And Violence Against Women

Instead of writing "f**k Amber Heard," why not try to dedicate your time to the victims of abuse?

Most women experience abuse in their lifetime, whether it be beating, rape, or psychological. Speaking up is already stigmatized so much so that, on average, a woman will not open up for nine years.


If a 12-year-old girl gets inappropriate comments from adults, you are setting her up to become someone's victim.

We are not here to defend Amber Heard. Her actions are hard to grasp, especially with the latest tell-all interview.

But, when you are talking trash about her, your language might trigger someone who was abused. They might believe they will be trashed, not because they are Amber. But because they are female. Or because they are ashamed because men can be victims too.


Do you know how many men lied about raping or even killing women? How many killed their buddies in cold blood? Or children? Where is the outrage?

Let's be passionate about justice for victims who were not as lucky as Depp or Heard (regardless of which side you stand on).

It is not #MenToo. It is #MeToo. Do you know the names of male celebrities who experienced sexual assaults?