Opinion: Sexting Is Not Cheating, No Matter What Anyone Says

Although I understand why this viewpoint may not be popular, I firmly believe that sexting should not be considered cheating. If you disagree, consider the following argument.

1. It's Just Words On A Screen

Sexting only involves words on a screen, and unless your partner follows through by engaging in physical intimacy with the person on the other end of the message, it is not a genuine affair. While it may not be the ideal way to add some excitement to your relationship, it is simply a digital interaction, like a fairytale that exists only in the imagination.


2. You Can't Get/Give An STD From Sexting

Unlike physical intimacy, exchanging words in a sexting conversation does not put you at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes or gonorrhea. When someone cheats by engaging in sexual activity with another person, they not only endanger themselves but also their partner's health. Such actions betray trust and can have serious consequences. As long as the sexting remains digital, there is no risk of harm.


3. Your Partner Is Still With You

Is it really a big deal if your partner is sexting someone else? After all, they're in a relationship with you, they come home to you, and they have sex with you. The fact that they're sexting someone else doesn't change that. Therefore, I don't think it's a significant issue.

4. Having All Your Needs Met By One Person Might Be Impossible

Considering that humans aren't naturally monogamous, expecting one person to meet all your needs is somewhat unreasonable. For example, what if you're not in the mood for intimacy, but your partner is? In such cases, sexting can provide a harmless outlet for their sexual frustration.


5. There Are Things That Are More Sacred Than Sex Anyway

If sex is the most important aspect of your relationship, then you may be approaching relationships the wrong way. Although I understand that sexting can be a violation of trust, it doesn't necessarily equate to cheating. As long as your partner is not physically intimate with someone else, we need to establish some boundaries.


6. It Might Be Indicative Of Bigger Issues

In the event that your partner engages in sexting with someone else without your knowledge, it's evident that there are more significant underlying issues that must be resolved. One of these issues is your ability to have confidence in your partner, while the other is their inability to communicate openly and candidly with you regarding their unmet needs that prompted them to seek it elsewhere. If you can't come to an understanding and address the root causes that led to the sexting in the first place, it might be time to end the relationship.


7. Let's Be Clear Here: I'm Not Saying It's OK

Although I don't consider sexting to be cheating, it doesn't imply that I believe it's acceptable. It's completely inappropriate and can be incredibly hurtful and distressing to the person on the receiving end - I would be devastated if my partner was sexting someone else. That being said, I wouldn't call my partner a cheater for doing it. Instead, I would describe them as a coward and an utterly despicable person.