Opinion: Most Men Aren't Capable Of Being Faithful

Although it may seem severe, in my experience, I don't believe the majority of men are capable of sustaining faithfulness in a long-term relationship. While I would be delighted to be contradicted, regrettably, I don't think that's the case.

1. I Don't Believe Most Guys Are Hardwired To Be Monogamous

To be honest, I'm not certain if anyone is capable of maintaining long-term monogamous relationships. That's likely why such relationships necessitate a significant amount of communication, honesty, and effort. I'm sure it's not easy to stay committed to one person indefinitely, although I can't speak from personal experience. It appears that eventually, infidelity is likely to occur.

2. That Doesn't Mean They Aren't Accountable

However, if a man attempts to use that as a justification, he's simply being foolish. If he cannot commit to being faithful, he should not be in a committed relationship. It's as simple as that. He should either restrain himself from engaging in physical relations with others or demonstrate decency by ending the relationship before doing so.

3. I Know So Many Women Who've Been Cheated On

As the number of unfaithful men I know continues to grow, it becomes difficult to believe that most men are capable of being faithful. Although I acknowledge my cynicism, I cannot help but contemplate the possibility of countless cheating men who have yet to be exposed. Perhaps, I have even been cheated on, but remain unaware. In retrospect, it's quite possible that I have.

4. I Know Lots Of Cheaters Too

Throughout my experiences, I have encountered numerous men who have been unfaithful to their girlfriends. Since most of them were my coworkers and their girlfriends were unknown to me, it was fortunate for them that I didn't. The reason behind my cynical outlook on men is the countless number of my colleagues who openly boasted about their infidelity and being able to evade detection. It's revolting, sickening, and has left me feeling extremely anxious.

5. I Think That If They Believe They'll Get Away With It, Most Men Will Cheat

I understand that my statement may be offensive to some, but in my opinion, most men do not possess an inherent moral compass when it comes to sexual behavior. Although I hope that they do, I have rarely observed it in my personal experiences. Based on my interactions with numerous cheaters and individuals who have been cheated on, I am confident that any man would engage in infidelity if he believes he can get away with it.

6. I Think The Only Thing Holding Them Back Is Fear And Guilt

In my opinion, when a man remains faithful, it's mostly because of fear. He's afraid of being caught and losing the comfortable and stable relationship he has. Many men have it good with their partners and don't want to face the aftermath of their actions. Additionally, some men may refrain from infidelity because they anticipate feeling guilty afterward. However, I still believe that the majority of men do not avoid cheating due to pure and virtuous morals.

7. Finding Someone New Is Easier Than Working On The Relationship

In my observation and experience, many men tend to be lazy when it comes to sustaining their relationships. They prefer everything to be smooth and uncomplicated, devoid of any conflicts, which is unrealistic. When the initial excitement and novelty of the relationship fades away, some men simply abandon it and pursue something new. It's always more straightforward in the beginning, so they continue to trade partners.

8. They Have Life Crises And Turn To Other Women

I've witnessed numerous instances where men become extremely agitated and anxious when their lives don't align with their expectations. Their reaction of choice is often infidelity. It's almost as if they're having a "life crisis" when they hit a certain age, such as 30, and they make things worse by cheating on their significant others, further complicating their already chaotic lives. It's bewildering.

9. If They Don't Feel Appreciated Or Desired Enough, They Go Find It Elsewhere

It's remarkable how some men choose to overlook their own negligence, such as neglecting their physical health and putting in minimal effort in the bedroom. Instead, they blame their partners for everything. When another woman shows them attention or admiration without expecting anything in return, many men become enticed in that direction. It's as though they recoil and turn the other way when held accountable to any sort of standard.

10. They Don't Want To Deal With The Headache Of A Breakup, So They Cheat Instead

It's common for some men to believe that their relationships would be perfect if they could only have sex with other women. Unfortunately, that's not how it works in an exclusive relationship. If you're not in an open relationship, you can't have it both ways. Sure, breakups are difficult, but nothing compares to breaking the heart of someone you claim to care about by engaging in infidelity. Is it really that difficult to comprehend?

11. Many Guys Are Easily Bored Having Sex With Just One Person

Although it's possible for sexual intimacy to become dull over time, it doesn't have to be that way. Relationships require consistent effort, including the physical component. In fact, emotional and mental intimacy can enhance the quality of sex. However, I've noticed that many men tend to be unambitious when it comes to sex. They strive to impress at the start, but then they prefer mediocre sex over maintaining its quality. Eventually, they become bored and look to cheat, but they are solely responsible for their lack of effort. It's frustrating.

12. I Hear The Way Men Talk About Other Women

As someone who works in the service industry and interacts with men frequently, I've been exposed to a lot of conversations among men. I've noticed that many of them say derogatory things about women, and the language they use is concerning. If a man is willing to talk like that about strangers, it's clear he doesn't have much respect for women in general, including his own partner. I've also heard countless conversations about cheating or the desire to cheat, and honestly, it's become so commonplace that it doesn't even surprise me anymore. It's disheartening and it's no wonder that I have a hard time trusting men.