Opinion: An Open Relationship Isn't A Relationship

Although an open relationship may seem appealing in theory and you may believe that exploring other dating options without being committed to one person could be a good idea, the truth is that open relationships ultimately fall short and aren't worth it, regardless of how much you try to view them in a positive light.

1. Your Feelings Are Put On The Backburner

A genuine relationship is characterized by emotions. Suppressing your feelings of love, jealousy, and resentment, which is necessary to make an open relationship function, means forfeiting the opportunity for a true relationship to develop.

2. There's No Commitment

If you believe that you and your partner are truly committed to each other and are each other's top priority, while simultaneously seeking additional partners, then you're deceiving yourself. Genuine relationships involve two individuals sharing a intimate, exclusive connection, much like a romantic dinner for two, rather than an all-you-can-eat buffet at a crowded party. If your relationship lacks exclusivity, it can hardly be considered a genuine relationship.

3. Your S.O. Could Be Someone Else's S.O.

Despite establishing rules for an open relationship with your boyfriend, such as avoiding developing serious relationships with others, there is no guarantee that your partner will not develop feelings for someone else. Your partner may find a new primary partner, and even if he does not, it is impossible for you to be his primary partner while he engages in sexual activities with other individuals. Unfortunately, the moment he engages in sexual activities with someone else, he becomes available to the public, and your claim on him ends.

4. Open Relationships Are Like Taking Back A Cheater Again And Again

Even though you and your partner have agreed to see other people, it's hard to believe that it's okay. When your partner returns after going on a date or having sexual relations with someone else, the scent of another woman's perfume will linger, and it will be difficult for you not to feel bothered by it. If you don't feel uncomfortable and genuinely accept it, you should question why you're in the relationship if you don't have genuine feelings for your partner.

5. You Should Be With Someone Who Would Get Jealous

If a guy truly loves you and is interested in a serious relationship, he would want to have you exclusively to himself. He wouldn't be comfortable with you having other sexual partners, even if he knew about them. Lack of jealousy indicates a lack of love and emotional investment in the relationship. In such a situation, there isn't much to hold onto or lose.

6. You're Not In A Relationship. You're At A Singles Bar Together

Your relationship may seem genuine to you, but the reality is that both of you are out there exploring the singles scene and then casually sharing your experiences with each other, as friends would. At the end of the night, you serve as each other's designated drivers after having a wild time with other people. While it may feel comforting to have someone to come home to, it's not a solid foundation for a relationship. If you're interested in exploring the single world, it's better to have the courage to go solo.

7. Your Needs Aren't Met By Your BF, So Why Are You With Him?

If you agree to have an open relationship with your partner, it could be because you feel that your needs cannot be fulfilled within the bounds of your relationship. However, if that's the case, why not find a partner who satisfies you in every possible way, rather than needing to be with multiple partners?

8. It Sounds Like An Excuse To

Open relationships can often appear to be a fancy term for individuals who want to engage sexually with others while still being in a committed relationship, without losing the security of a relationship or risking the displeasure of their partners. However, this may not be considered normal or healthy behavior in the long run. Eventually, such actions could lead to feelings of betrayal, and the relationship could suffer as a result.

9. You Don't Really Want To Work For Your Relationship, So It's Not Real

If you're considering exploring other options outside of your relationship, it may suggest that something isn't working in your current relationship. If your relationship holds significant value for you, you would want to fix any issues that are causing problems. Engaging in sexual activity with other people is not a solution for relationship problems, nor will it rekindle the passion in the relationship. Unfortunately, if this approach does work for you and your partner, it may indicate that there wasn't much of a relationship to begin with. In a healthy and committed relationship, introducing others into the mix will only hasten the end of the relationship.