OnlyFans Woman In Top 0.4% Turned Down One Million Dollars To Delete Her Account

A highly sought-after OnlyFans personality disclosed that they received an offer of $1 million to deactivate her account but declined the tempting proposal.

Laurie, a French woman, belongs to the top 0.4% highest earners on the site. This is due in part to her unique approach, allowing her subscribers to make choices for her in everyday life.

It's similar to "Twitch plays Pokémon," except on OnlyFans, where her subscribers determine "every decision of my life, important or not."

She shares polls on Telegram, allowing her subscribers to vote on her actions, from selecting her lunch menu to risking her money. Since adopting this approach, she has ended her relationship and terminated her internship, following the instructions of her followers.

To prevent it from becoming excessive, Laurie has established certain guidelines. She will not engage in actions that could "put me in danger, harm someone, or be hateful."

Laurie stated that the driving force behind this experiment was to "create a small community of people willing to share their lives with me."

Her subscribers voted on what she should do if a man requested her phone number, and the outcome was a clear instruction to reject him.

Laurie then posed a question to her subscribers regarding her policy towards men asking for her phone number. The options included giving a genuine number, or a fake number, informing the man that she was in a relationship with her subscribers, or setting a fee of $5,000.

The fourth option emerged as the winner in the poll, and Laurie declared that anyone could obtain her phone number for a payment of $5,000. She shared a QR code for that purpose on OnlyFans.

Since then, Laurie received an offer from one of her followers, which she once again put to a vote. She stated that the results "could change my life."

Laurie exclaimed, "something amazing has occurred," and shared a series of messages she received on Telegram, disclosing that a man had proclaimed his love for her and expressed his desire "to keep [her] all for [himself]."

The model was offered a million dollars to delete her OnlyFans account. The man argued that he could not share the model with another man anymore.

Laurie did not take the man on his offer immediately but instead asked her subscribers to make the decision for her.

After 56% of the people voted to turn down the man's offer, she apologized to him saying that her "community is stronger than anything." Therefore, she would continue being on OnlyFans.