OnlyFans Top Earning Celebs In 2022 From Katie Price To Mia Khalifa


The number of people joining OnlyFans as creators is growing at a considerable pace. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the adult platform saw an increased number of sex workers sign up as content providers.

At the time, the industry was going through a difficult time, and OnlyFans was the only way for these folks to make some money.

Right now, there are many people with very large monthly salaries on the site.


OnlyFans has been such a lucrative way of making money that some celebrities have decided to join the bandwagon.

Some popular names on the site include Carmen Electra and Donna D'Errico.

Charlie Sheen's daughter Sami and his ex-wife Denise have also recently joined the platform.

Katie Price, Paige VanZant, and Tommy Lee are also creators on the platform.

Recent research by BonusInsider has indicated that celebrities are making a lot of money through the platform, and here are the leading creators on the site.


1. Bhad Bhabie


Based on the research, Bhad Bhabie is the OnlyFans content creator with the largest income in 2022.

The rapper got famous after her unforgettable appearance on Dr. Phil. The incident took place back in 2022 and turned her into a viral sensation.

A week after turning 18, Bhad was on OnlyFans. She was in the news soon after claiming that she had made $1 million after only 6 hours of being on the platform.


Clearly, her good fortune has not changed as she currently makes an estimated $25 million a month.

2. Mia Khalifa


Former porn star Mia Khalifa is the second-highest earner on OnlyFans. This might be something a lot of people expected considering the strong media presence she enjoys.

She has millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch.

Her popularity on OnlyFans is growing fast, and she posts content on the platform on a daily basis.

According to estimates, she makes about $21.27 million a month on the platform.


2. Blac Chyna


Blac Chyna is third on the list of the highest earners on OnlyFans. Chyna is a model and a socialite, and she reportedly makes $240 million a year on the platform.

In 2021, she was the highest-paid creator on the platform, but right now, she is making about $21.11 million a month,

Top Highest-Earning Celebrities On OnlyFans


The research also revealed the 30 highest-paid celebrities on the platform. They include Megan Barton-Hanson, who is famous for her appearance in Love Island.

Singer Pia Mia and influencer Chloe Khan are also among the leading content creators on the platform.

Katie Price is also on the exclusive list. She joined the platform this year, and although she is popular for lowering her prices, estimates indicate that she could be making about $2.5 million a month through the platform.


Here is the full list of the best-earning celebrities on OnlyFans:

1. Bhad Bhabie, rapper — $25million
2. Mia Khalifa, adult movie actress — $21.27million
3. Blac Chyna, TV personality — $21.11million
4. Trey Songz, singer/actor — $18 million
5. Kkvsh, influencer — $16million
6. Corinna Kopf, influencer — $8.57million
7. Pia Mia, singer — $8.15million
8. Amber Rose, model/TV personality — $7.4million
9. Belle Delphine, influencer — $7.4million
10. Key Alves, volleyball player — $4.48million
11. Chloe Khan, influencer — $2.56million
12. Katie Price, media personality — $2.5million
13. Megan Barton-Hanson, TV personality — $2.46 million
14. Denise Richards, actress — $2.24million
15. Paige VanZant, MMA fighter — $2.05million
16. Tommy Lee, musician— $2.05million
17. Blueface, rapper — $1.54million
18. Kerry Katona, TV personality — $1.3million
19. Heidi Lavon — $1.1million
20. Farrah Abraham — $926k
21. Madeline Wright —$720k
22. Lexi Kai — $582k
23. Shania Perrett — $475k
24. Shanna Moakler — $454k
25. Courtney Stodden — $411k
26. Sonja Morgan —$351k
27. Katie Salmon — $337k
28. Arron Carter — $320k
29. Lucero "La Loba" Acosta — $320k
30. Sami Sheen — $147k