OnlyFans Stars' Jobs At Risk As Fake AI Models Could Start Taking Over

Concerns of AI replacing human jobs have extended to the adult entertainment industry, with OnlyFans stars worried that AI models could take over their jobs.

It's widely known that some individuals are making substantial amounts on the subscription-based app, with celebrities like Blac Chyna reportedly earning a staggering $20 million per month (£17.7 million).

The top ten OnlyFans earners of the 2022 list saw Bella Thorne ranking second, earning an impressive $11 million per month (£9.7 million) on the platform.

It's not just celebrities who are profiting on the platform - thousands of individuals have abandoned their traditional 9-5 jobs for a career on OnlyFans.

Given the large sums of money involved, it's understandable that some content creators became worried when images of AI-generated models went viral.

The first photo features four blonde women standing close together, gazing at the camera while wearing black lingerie. The women are nearly identical.

The second photo, created by artist The Realist, depicts the hyper-realistic models posing similarly in pink lingerie. Social media suggests that both photos were generated using AI software.

@heartereum posted on Twitter: "Apparently this picture and others are going viral on socials because women are SEETHING and debating whether these girls are AI generated."

The message was followed by a collection of images similar to OnlyFans, created using Uberrealistic, an AI generator that employs advanced methods to generate realistic images of people, places, and objects.

Honestly, it's difficult to distinguish between these photos and those commonly found on the app.

The Twitter user went on to say: "I am totally starting a fake AI generated OnlyFans for gullible idiots if I fail this trading thing..."

"The point is they are already good enough to pass as real for 80% of npc paypigs."

It's evident that there is demand for this, as some potential "customers" have already expressed interest.

"Can you create a red hair Asian girl with green eyes? For research purposes obv," wrote one, while another said: "I need all their @'s asap."

With deepfakes also gaining attention in recent years, it appears that content generated by technology is imminent.

However, the recurring question remains: would subscribers be content with a solely artificial interaction?

It's challenging to imagine AI completely replacing genuine and real-life interactions. Nonetheless, as we're aware, unusual things have occurred in the digital age we live in.