OnlyFans Star Who Makes £100k A Month Is Planning To Buy Houses To Help Low Income Families

A well-known OnlyFans creator has pledged to utilize her income to assist low-income families in obtaining housing.

According to The Manc, Rebecca Goodwin, whose last name is particularly appropriate, has pledged to buy houses and provide them as rentals to families facing difficulties due to the high cost of living in the UK.

Rebecca Goodwin, who is 28 years old and earns around £100,000 (AUD $174,000) per month, announced her 'affordable housing scheme' through Twitter earlier this week.


She wrote: "The ball is now rolling with my 'affordable housing scheme'. My plan is to buy eight properties outright and rent them out to low income families."


"One house I'll be renting out is a three-storey, four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with off road parking for two cars, fully furnished, £650 (AUD $1,134) a month!"

When asked for further details about the program in a tweet, Goodwin responded:

"I make enough profit on OnlyFans, I have no mortgages so rent payments are 100 per cent profit except maintenance and insurance, this is a side hustle that my kids can inherit."


"I'm not doing it to make me more money I'm doing it invest in my kids futures."


This project is truly a passion for the OnlyFans star, who has previously shared that she and her children had to rely on food stamps before her career success.

Goodwin, a single mother, stated to The Independent that she had difficulty providing for her daughters, who are now 11 and 4 years old.

She shared that they would subsist on six bags of food obtained through vouchers each week.


It was then that she decided to turn to OnlyFans as a means of providing for her children.

Within 10 days in 2019, the mother earned £1,600 (AUD$2,792) on the subscription-based platform.

She told the media: "I started OnlyFans out of desperation and ended up making well over £1,000 in the first 10 days. It was madness."

Soon after, the mother of two began earning £10,000 (AUD$17,458) which then increased to an astonishing £100,000 per month.


She went on to say: "I had never earned so much in a month before. Now I've been able to buy a house and a Porsche."

"Just before I started OnlyFans I was in £15,000 (AUD $26,190) of debt and got a debt relief order."

"[Now I've been able to] save for six months to buy a four-bed house outright."