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OnlyFans Star Plans To Live-stream Birth For $12,000—and Has Offers To Sell Her Breastmilk

Onlyfans Star Plans To Live-stream Birth For $12,000—and Has Offers To Sell Her Breastmilk

Carla Bellucci, a 39-year-old Instagram influencer and OnlyFans star from Britain, is offering an experience of a lifetime for $12,000.

The mom-to-be is five months pregnant, and her baby bump is a hit among fetishists, and she has every intention of cashing in.

The Offer She Couldn't Refuse

The inspiration actually came from one fan. He offered 10,000 pounds for watching Carla give birth. It soon turned into a lucrative business opportunity.

She took the offer and invited other subscribers to join them. The former model said:

"I am nervous about live-streaming my birth, but at the end of the day, it's a lot of money to refuse."

Pregnancy Made Carla More Popular

On the day of revealing her pregnancy, Carla got 3000 dollars on the adult platform. Now, she is among the top 6.6 percent of all OnlyFans content creators.

Pregnancy content became so big that Carla is thinking about selling her breast milk, as she told Daily Star:

"I have had requests for my breastmilk, which I find totally random and didn't even know was a thing."

We didn't either.

Carla added that there is a "massive fan base" for kinky, pregnancy-related content on OnlyFans. As she is already a mother of three, live streaming the birth might be easier - she's done it without cameras before.

The Instagram star revealed:

"So many men have fetishes for pregnant women."

"Men want to see my bump, and they are excited about me growing."

Carla Is No Stranger To Controversies

Carla is worried about putting the baby in the spotlight.

However, considering her past mishaps, to put it mildly, this shouldn't be an issue. After all, she did offer her then 14-year-old daughter botox and did not get her children any Christmas presents. Why?

Because she wanted them to "make money for themselves" by becoming "social media stars."

The live streaming of birth does make more sense now, doesn't it?