OnlyFans Star Elle Brooke Reveals Bizarre "Favourite Sexual Fantasy" Involving Corduroy

OnlyFans Star Elle Brooke Reveals Bizarre "Favourite Sexual Fantasy" Involving Corduroy

Elle Brooke is a TikToker and star of the most popular adult entertainment platform, OnlyFans.

Brooke appeared in a Youtube video alongside other TikTokers and revealed her favorite sexual fantasy.

The video, titled Love at First Kiss, also discussed the royal family, and Elle revealed who she would like to sleep with.

Her Youtube video's concept said:

"I invited a group of TikTok's most notorious creators to share a passionate kiss with me. Let's just say it did not go to plan..."

Oshu, the first TikToker, approached Elle and asked her about her favorite sexual fantasy.

He wore orange pants made of corduroy, so Elle cheekily replied:

"My favorite sexual fantasy... I really love guys in the orange cord."

Oshu offered to take off his pants. Elle then told him, "I think you've got really weird nipples."

He replied by saying she had a weird forehead.

The two TikTokers then shared a bizarre kiss.

The second content creator, Snowy Joe, asked Elle about her favorite sex position.

She demonstrated it and added, "Yay - you're not a virgin anymore."

Speaking about the royal family in another video, Elle did not hide that she would like to "smash" King Charles:

"I love a guy with power."

Prince William would be next in line, but Elle was not as ecstatic about him since he is bald. She added, "I do hate baldies."

Prince Harry got a "yes" from Brooke as she concluded, "I think I've just got a thing for royals."

"I would smash the women and the men, just not the children."

Aren't Prince Harry and King Charles also bald? That's all we got!

Watch the video: