OnlyFans Model Says Job Is Much Harder Than Most People Think

onlyfans model says job is much harder than most people think

People are usually quite critical of OnlyFans models. While some argue that this is a socially unacceptable way to make a living, others think these models make a lot of money while doing nothing.

In the face of these critical opinions, an OnlyFans model has come out to defend the way she earns a living. She is arguing that people grossly underestimate the amount of effort it takes to be an OnlyFans model.

Here, she explains what she is up to on a daily basis.

Known as Rhiannon Blue, the model is from Leeds, UK.

Before the career change that saw her turn into an OnlyFans model, she worked as a nanny. So far, she has been part of the content subscription service for about two and a half years.

Currently, at only 24, she is among the leading 0.2 percent of content creators on the site. She is making about $30,000 a month.

She admits that this is "absolutely crazy, crazy money."

Nevertheless, she finds it "annoying" that people don't think she works hard enough for the money she rakes in on the site.

According to her, you have to work hard to be among the top ten percent content creators on the site.

However, she does not appreciate that some friends say they wish they could be in her line of work because "it's such easy money."

As far as she knows, that's not true.

She claims that all people see is "the person posting a picture and then they hear that they're getting a good income."

Onlyfans Model Says Job Is Much Harder Than Most People Think

Today, Rhiannon makes more in a month than she was making in a year in her previous job.

That, however, that does not come easily.

She explains that to make good money, she has to work at it around the clock while most people work from 9 to 5:

"When people come home, have a cup of tea, put their feet up after dinner, to chill and switch off after work, that's our busiest time because from about six o'clock to like three in the morning, that's when people have finished work. So that's when we need to make the most of our money."

She added that she has to put up lots of content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram practically daily. According to her, she has to post about twice a day on these platforms.

That only serves to build a following that can convert into links that boost her OnlyFans income.

The process, she says, can take hours and days.

At the same time, she has to be on her OnlyFans account talking to lots of people and making sure they are getting value for their money:

"If you ignore them, they just block you, get a refund."

So, the model advises that although people think this is an easy job, they would feel very differently about it if they made an effort to be among the best performing content creators on the platform.

Onlyfans Model Says Job Is Much Harder Than Most People Think

Rhiannon has always been willing to do something extra to make sure she makes more money. For instance, she creates custom content that her subscribers sometimes request.

Such effort earns her a little more dough from her hustle.

For instance, a guy from Australia paid her $420 to dress up as a giant and crush a bunch of tiny figurines. So, she definitely works hard for her money.

Rhiannon explained that she had to get the figurines kids play with, stand on them and squash them with her feet, and then pretend to eat them:

"I need to be fully clothed and just pretend to eat this little man, sit on one, stomp on one with my feet and they get off on it. So I mean, each to their own."

Onlyfans Model Says Job Is Much Harder Than Most People Think

OnlyFans can be quite lucrative. However, things can get a little weird, and certainly, quite a bit of effort is required to make good money off this subscription-based platform.

The model clearly has a point: being a successful OnlyFans model is not as easy as people seem to think.