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OnlyFans Model Reveals She Makes $7,000 A Month Crushing Fruit With Her Feet For Fetishists

onlyfans model reveals she makes $7,000 a month crushing fruit with her feet for fetishists

Fetishes may evoke different images for each of us. It is all fun and games until it goes viral. A woman that goes under the nickname Sweet Arches on Instagram revealed something related to fetishism that would make you gasp.

This girl from Portland, Oregon, shares photos and videos of her feet and earns nearly $7,000 a month by crushing fruit and other things with her feet for fetishist's pleasure around the world.

Believe it or not, this is her side-job. Her full-time job takes part in a hospital theater, and she spends up to 10 hours a day there.

What made this woman switch her career?

It All Started For Fun

Sweet Arches started showing her feet for fun. But it didn't take a lot of time before this thing went viral. Nowadays, she has more than 125,000 Instagram followers, all of whom desire glimpses at her footsies.

People Are Kinky - Feel Free To Go With The Flow

She regularly posted pictures of her feet in different layouts, but simple is never enough for the curious eye of her raving audience.

Many of her followers weren't interested in seeing ordinary pictures of her feet. They were even ready to pay for videos of her licking her toes or even crushing fruit with her feet.

Since this has become more than just a habit to kill the boredom in her spare time, Sweet Arches felt happy to please them all. Even their wildest foot-fantasies.

Everyone Has Their Red Line

Of course, if the price sounds right, she'll make your dreams come true.
But although she fulfills nearly every follower's request, this girl has some boundaries too.

There are some things that she'll never accept for any price.

For example, she won't squash bugs with her feet at all. Well, sounds fair and square.

Who likes bugs anyway?