OnlyFans Model Abigail White Found Guilty Of Murder After Stabbing Boyfriend To Death

Abigal White stabbed her boyfriend Bradley Lewis and killed him after he broke up with her. The 24-year-old OnlyFans model was found guilty of the shocking crime by a Bristol court.

On the adult platform, she calls herself "Fake Barbie."

After the guilty verdict, the model got a life sentence from the judge.

Initially, the model had argued that Bradley had stabbed himself. Later, she changed her story and claimed that she had taken a kitchen knife and killed him with it as a way to "scare" him.


The jury did not believe her story, which is why White ended up getting sentenced to life in prison by the judge.

At first, she pleaded guilty to manslaughter. She claimed that she had not murdered her boyfriend, a father of four.


Before the brutal crime happened, Bradley had allegedly told the model that he did not want to be with her anymore.

After breaking up with her, he went drinking with a friend. They were also joined by White, and at one point, he had said "I'm dead when I get home."

Earlier, he had told a friend's partner that he was planning on leaving White. However, he said he had still not gotten around to it because he was worried she might kill herself the moment he did.


At some point, White threw a drink at her boyfriend before they started heading home at around 8 at night.

According to Anna Vigars KC, the prosecutor, less than 10 minutes later, she was calling the ambulance service and screaming so that a neighbor could go to her house. She was panicked and pleading for help.

"Because by ten past eight, Abigail White had stabbed Bradley Lewis through the chest, pushing the knife between his ribs and ultimately into his heart."


Eventually, White told the court that her intention was not to hurt or kill her boyfriend. She claimed she was only "upset and angry" and argued that "It was just over before I even thought."

According to a psychologist who was at the trial, White struggles with borderline personality disorder. Consequently, it is likely that she was going through a crisis at the time she murdered Bradley.


The psychologist argued that using diminished responsibility as a defense was valid. However, the judge and the jury would have the final say.

A different psychologist said that 99 percent of people would have an easier time handling their anger in comparison to White. The expert argued that White did not have a strategy for dealing with her anger issues.

In the end, the judge gave White a life sentence. The judgment was made at Bristol Crown Court.


Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Donald Fraser claimed that the model had a "murderous intent" when she committed the deadly crime.