OnlyFans Creator Posts An Advertisement To Hire A Personal Assistant

Adult content platforms like OnlyFans are now fiercely competitive, and in order to stay at the top, creators must come up with novel concepts.

One Singaporean content creator is already planning ahead and just posted a job advert to hire a personal assistant to aid her in coming up with original and creative ideas for her OnlyFans page.

Gracie Hartie, an OnlyFans creator recently revealed that she is recruiting a paid personal assistant who will assist her with daily responsibilities, such as creating content for the site.


On Instagram, Hartie has a following of 65k users. She posts content under the handle "Gravure Model" on the subscription site OnlyFans, where she has amassed over 11,000 likes.

Her monthly subscription fee is S$31 (£19), and her followers are able to communicate with her and request exclusive customized content.


At the moment, Hartie wants to hire a PA to assist her in creating quality content and growing her network.

The adult content creator indicated that the position would pay between $5,200 and $5,800 in the job posting on her social media account.

She wants a PA who is able to travel and is skilled in photography, with videography skills being a "plus."


The person she hires will assist her in managing her partnerships with other global creators and in developing her OnlyFans platform.

Additionally, they will coordinate travel and event arrangements, schedule meetings and appointments, manage her social media accounts, and create "eye-catching visuals and captions."

Candidates who are interested in applying should email Hartie at with their portfolios and CV.


According to the Daily Star, Hartie's first candidate wasted no time to quickly put themselves forward and even offered to clean her toilets.

Hartie posted a screenshot of the email, which stated: "Hi, my name is [covered], willing to do anything for 4k– per month, can do anything, [I can] also wash [the] toilet. Btw, if you [are] gonna screenshot this please blur out my name."


Another creator on OnlyFans revealed that she turned over control of her life to her subscribers and as a result, she was able to rank in the top 0.4% of users on the site.

The French student Laurie joined the platform a few weeks ago, but she chose to implement "a concept never seen before on this platform" rather than just publish saucy pictures and videos.

The 23-year-old told LADbible: "I let the fans control my whole life. Every decision of my life, important or not. They will have control."


The Parisian, also known as Live with Laurie, has been conducting Telegram polls that anyone can vote on freely. She publishes the results on her OnlyFans page.

The polls could be about anything ranging from what she should eat for lunch to whether or not she should spend all her money at the casino.

Subscribers may even contribute poll ideas on her Telegram.


Well, it makes sense that this is an intriguing social experiment, and Laurie has certain rules in place because there is a strong reason to think that is why we are taught not to trust strangers.

She stated, "I will not accept a poll which could put me in danger, harm someone, or be hateful."

"I have no regrets, I don't know yet where this experience will lead. I'll leave it up to the fans to choose the next polls. I'm excited to see where it all goes.


"The poll online right now is whether I should give $100 (£86) to a fan."