One Of My Best Friends Didn't Invite Me To Her Wedding — WTF?


I was shocked and horrified when my good friend sent me a Facebook message with pictures of her in a beautiful wedding dress, happily announcing her marriage to her boyfriend. I couldn't believe that I wasn't invited to such an important event in her life and that she only informed me after it had already happened. It left me feeling perplexed and frustrated.

1. Let's just say the pictures were totally unnecessary

I was confused as to why my friend chose to inform me of her marriage by sending pictures rather than telling me in person. We live in the same city and regularly see each other, so it felt insincere and uncomfortable to receive the news this way. The surprise pictures came across as inconsiderate and even malicious. If she wanted to share her happiness with more friends, why didn't she invite us to the wedding?

2. When I asked her about it, she said it wasn't a big deal, but it was

When I inquired about the wedding details, my friend claimed it was a last-minute decision. However, based on the elaborate dress and the celebration photos, it seemed unlikely. Moreover, there were other guests in attendance, whom she referred to as "close friends." While I had no issue with her choice of guests, I was disappointed not to be included among them.

3. The whole thing kinda sparked a mini-life crisis in me

As I live far from my hometown, family, and everything familiar, my friend's wedding news left me feeling utterly alone and vulnerable. Despite having many acquaintances and people to socialize with, I realized that few of them were genuine friends. For some time, I struggled with dark thoughts and questioned the value of making new connections if they ultimately wouldn't prioritize me in their lives.

4. I realized my friend's behavior followed a particular pattern

Although my friend was kind and supportive whenever she felt sad, insecure, or lonely, her behavior changed dramatically whenever things were going well for her. This realization prompted me to recognize the toxicity of our friendship and take steps to safeguard my mental health.

5. I value my friends a lot and that made things much harder

I hold my friends in high regard and admire them. Although I'm not flawless, I consider myself a compassionate, considerate, and helpful person. When my friend was struggling, I supported her by listening to her problems and offering emotional aid. Consequently, I found it challenging to comprehend why she chose to conceal her impending marriage from me.

6. It made me confront my own issues and realize my own mistakes in friendships

Ultimately, my friend had every right to invite whomever she wished to her wedding. It was her special day, and she had the freedom to decide who to share it with. While I respected her decision, it made me realize that I had been relying heavily on just a few close friends and not actively seeking new friendships. This experience served as a wake-up call, and I recognized the importance of opening up to new people and letting them into my life.

7. Despite everything, I decided not to burn bridges

Previously, I have ended friendships over comparable incidents, but in retrospect, I realized it was not worth the effort. It was not because I regretted my decision but rather because cutting people out of my life drained me emotionally. In doing so, I gave their actions and presence too much importance, and it only led to further drama, which I despise.

8. I still like my friend as a person and wish her all the best

Despite everything, my friend remains the same person to me. I recognize that she is not flawless and has made errors, just as I have. However, considering how much support I provided her throughout our friendship, I am deeply hurt that she would intentionally exclude someone who genuinely cared about her on her significant day.

9. I forgave her, but to be perfectly honest, this isn't something you can forget

Although life resumed as usual after that, my friend's decision to exclude me from her wedding was a strong message. It was an irreversible action that left a lasting impact on me. It served as a reminder to be less naive and trusting in my interactions with people, and I consider it to be a valuable life lesson.

10. In case you're wondering, I didn't buy her a wedding present

Despite maintaining a friendly relationship, I didn't go to the extent of purchasing a wedding gift for my friend. It's unfortunate because I enjoy lavishing my friends with gifts, and I have exceptional taste. If only I had been invited, she would have received something truly incredible.