One Day You’ll Meet Someone Who’ll Hold On To You For Your Beautiful Soul

Fewer things are harder to deal with than accepting the fact that someone you love does not appreciate you. Being taken for granted by the love of your life can really break your heart.

And yes, it makes sense to wait for the right person. But that can seem like an eternity, and you might start to get the impression that no one will ever truly see your worth.

But that is not to say you are completely hopeless, because a day is coming when you will meet someone who will never let you go. This special person will see and appreciate how beautiful you are.

They’ll see the real you

Some people think they have to change their lives drastically in order to accommodate the person they want in their lives. But this doesn’t have to be the case. When someone truly loves you, they will accept who you are. At this moment, you will thank the heavens that you did not lose out on meeting this person for somebody who was never deserving of you.

The right person will love you, even all your flaws. You will be good together because you will complement each other instead of colliding all the time. Yes, that’s actually possible.

You will finally forget about the mind-games, and you won’t find it such a struggle keeping them happy. Being yourself will be their greatest source of joy for you.

Their life will improve because of you

When the right person comes along, you won’t just be an ornament in their life. Sure, some people you were involved with previously may have seen you in that manner. But to this person, you will be a great and positive influence in their life. In fact, it will change and transform because of you, and in the most beautiful of ways.

The right person will never want anyone else, and they will live for the moments you spend together. It might take a few failed relationships to get this kind of relationship, but once you do, you will be glad you waited, and it will be the most satisfying thing you could ever imagine.

But it will not be just about them either, your life will also change in ways you never imagined. You won’t even notice it, but you will love every minute of your life because you will fall in love with who you are all over again.

The love will be powerful

When the right person walks into your life, the love you will share will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in the past. You will love as you have never loved before, and you will be mutually devoted to each other through an unbreakable bond.

You will never have to worry if you are falling short, or if they love you. Both of you will experience a love that you would never want to lose.

So, don’t let a few bad relationships make you feel like you will never find real love. And don’t let such relationships make you doubt if you are worthy of true love. A day is coming when someone will appreciate you in every possible way because they will see how wonderful you truly are.

When that moment comes, the wait will be worth it.