One Day You'll Lose Her And Before You Know It She'll Be Gone Forever

One Day You’ll Lose Her And Before You Know It She’ll Be Gone Forever

You ignored all of the signs and warnings, but the time for reckoning has finally arrived. This has been a slow and steady process, and the woman your heart knew to be the one has finally called it quits.

The day has come, and you have lost her. Forever.

This grim realization will bring back memories. They will come back like a flood, vivid and overwhelming, reminding you of all hurt you put her through.


The gravity of what a burden it is to be left will send chills all over your body, shaking you to the core.

You will feel lost, abandoned in a wilderness on your own because she will leave with no clues.

Except the signs will all be there for you to see. You will not really be in a position to put the blame entirely on her. Deep down you know she put up a fight, and she did all she could to save the relationship, but now the manipulative games, the lies, and the exhaustion of it all will have pushed her past her limits. Leaving was the only option she had, and she will be gone for good.


She will no longer be yours when you make her realize she is a burden and not a priority in your life, as you were a priority in hers.

She will go because she wants someone who appreciates her better than you did.

Every time you disregard her, you are pushing her toward the door. Be assured she will walk through it in search of a better relationship.

Whenever you do not pay attention to her need for love, you are giving her a reason to leave for good.


Once she is gone, all you will have left is regret. All the horrible things you did to her will weigh on you.

On the day she walks out, she will not be the innocent, clueless little girl you thought she was. She will be a mature woman who clearly understands what she needs out of life.

She will go because she will be exhausted from making the mistake of focusing her affections, love, hopes, and dreams on the wrong person.


You will lose her because she wants someone who can give her the love she desired from you but never had.

Every time she questions her worth on your account, you will be pushing her away.

Every time you make her feel insecure, she will get closer to leaving.

She will be one step closer to leaving whenever your ego carries more importance than her or her needs. You will lose her whenever you let her walk away and do not make an effort to stop her.


You should have let her know that she is good enough for you.

Every time you make her doubt you, you will lose her. When you leave her hanging, you will force her to leave.

One day, a line will be crossed, and repairing the damage will no longer be an option. She will be gone for good.

The worst part is that on that day, you will realize what a gem you have lost. That she was a most precious treasure, and you gave it all up for nothing but regret and pain.