One Day You'll Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Someone

It may not be today, and probably not tomorrow, but one day, you will surely change someone’s life. You will touch someone’s life in ways you never thought possible, because, to that person, you will be the best thing that ever happened to them.

One day you will help bring back someone’s smile. You will be the reason they can finally smile again, and the reason they can allow themselves to laugh out loud once more. You will be a source of happiness for someone and will make their life complete.

One day you will help someone to dream again, to believe, and to hope. You will inspire someone to be all they can be in this life. You will be someone’s biggest cheerleader through the journey of life, during big or small events, in their personal and professional lives.

One day you will be the reason someone finally opens up. Your tender care and affections will help someone step out from the shadows and show their true self. Someone will trust you enough to lay bare their very soul and every fear and insecurity before you because they will have the assurance that they are in good hands. You will be the reason why someone won’t be afraid to be themselves.

One day you will be the reason someone finally finds a reason to settle down. One day you will come into someone’s life, and they will stop chasing after the fleeting pleasures and finally settle down because you will be worth it and so much more. In you, they will find everything they have been searching for but hadn’t yet found, and you will make them want to do everything there is to do to ensure they don’t lose you.

One day you will show someone just how easy love can be and all else that real love is meant to be. You will come into someone’s life and teach them what real love looks and feels like. Your love will show them that a relationship should not be toxic and riddled with narcissistic manipulations. You’ll be the reason why someone finally understands what it means to be in a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship.

One day you will make someone realize why it never worked out before. You will both realize why it just never worked with anyone else before, and that is because you two were just meant to be. You will appreciate the journey it took for your paths to cross and to get into each other’s lives. You will be grateful for every relationship that didn’t end quite so well because you will appreciate that it needed to happen for you to find each other.

One day, you will be everything to someone. You will be the friend and lover they have been searching for. You will be the reason they believe in true love again, and your story will be different from what you have both experienced before.

You will be the best thing to ever happen to their life, and they will make sure you know it every day of yours.