Older Sisters Are The Most Important People In Your Life!

Older Sisters Are The Most Important People In Your Life!

If you're blessed with an older sister, you have a friend, parental unit, and life coach, all in one!

When you're a child, your older sister can be proper pain. But as you grow older, she's your rock, someone who loves you unconditionally and who is always there for you. Having a big sister means never having to deal with life situations on your own.

Your older sister gets you

It doesn't matter if you're in your 20s or your 60s; your older sister has a solution for any problem. She gets you because, from the moment you were born, she knew that it's her responsibility to be your person.


She is brutal, but…

It's no secret that older sisters can be cruel. They won't spare your feelings to hide the truth. While that's not ideal when you're an insecure teenager, it's incredible now that you're adulting.

The older sister calls it as she sees it. They don't have boundaries, but that's because they care for you. You're their first baby doll.


And they want you to thrive

Sorry older brothers, but sisters are the best! They will drop their plans to help you out. And they are your shoulder to cry on. They will protect you, but if they fail, they'll do everything to make any hurt a little less painful.

One of the best things about older sisters is that they want you to succeed. They are your number one fans, even when they treat you like a child.


Older sisters are overprotective

From your professors to your bosses, exes, and ex-friends, no one's safe from your older sister! They will call you out, but they will also deal with anyone who dares to touch their little one.

Are they overstepping? Yes, but it is that sense of responsibility only parents can understand. While an older sister isn't the same as a mom, she is a crossover between a fun auntie and your favorite pop star. She wants to protect you, and no matter how old you are, you're her annoying baby sibling who needs attention and love.


Most of all, she adores you

Your older sister is not just rooting for you. She adores you! She can be an ice-cold person, but when it comes to you, she just wants to tickle you and send you to your room.

In reality, younger siblings have better chances at nailing adulting, but maybe the reason lies in the fact that older sisters are devoted to their younger sisters and brothers.


It's the truth: no matter where you are, both in life or physically, you can always give her a call. Your older sister wants to be the first one you tell the good news. She will also be the first person that will provide you with advice on your problems. And you will annoy each other, fight, but you're her soft spot.

As a proud big sister, I can, without a doubt, say that my baby sister is the smartest, most perfect human being in the world. From the moment she was born, it was and still is my duty to protect her and nurture her. Yes, I could write a novel about how great my sister is, but that's how most older sisters feel. Don't abuse that information!