Do you know of a person who seems to have a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of things that most people their age would just dismiss? Chances are they are an old soul. Old souls have a different take on life than the average person and are often ahead of their time in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

When it comes to finding love, old souls can have a hard time. Here are 12 reasons why this is the case:

1. They set extremely high standards.

The principles of an old soul are almost unshakable. Their strong sense of identity means that they have high expectations of themselves and expect the same from others. Although setting high standards is not necessarily a bad thing, it can make you lose your sense of reality if unchecked.

2. They are very aware of who they are.

Old souls have a strong sense of identity, and they know what to expect or not to expect from their significant other. This coupled with their extremely high standards reduces their options significantly.

3. They have baggage.

In life, we are constantly dealing with various challenges. Negative experiences can leave a permanent mark on a person. Old souls have more difficulty dealing with old memories that are stored in their unconscious. These unresolved issues can have a lasting impact on a relationship.

4. They love intensely but also fear intensely.

Old souls love something just as much as they fear losing it. This is because all of their feelings are intense. When it comes to finding love, this fear of failure really holds them back. While a regular person doesn’t hold back when he sees an opportunity, an old soul is tormented by the fear of looking inadequate.

5. They are often too intuitive.

Old souls are prone to making wrong assumptions and over-thinking over matters even when they don’t have any proof. Reacting intuitively can harm a relationship especially where one partner is always feeling falsely accused.

6. They put their life goals first.

The fact that old souls love intensely means that they fear a relationship can prevent them from accomplishing their goals. That’s why they tend to focus more on achieving their goals first before they can give in to love.

7. They struggle to find compatibility.

Finding a companion is different from finding compatibility. Old souls’ views on life are so fascinating that it becomes difficult to find a person who truly understands them. They have no problem making someone fall for them. Their real challenge is finding a person they can trust and confide in.

8. They don’t really love the “dating game.”

The intricacies of dating and relationship are seen as a waste of time by old souls. They get exhausted by the idea of having to call their partner, walk them home, take them to the movies and all the other aspects of dating. If they had a choice, they would skip doing all that.

9. They are hard to understand and love.

Old souls can be difficult, and most people don’t understand them as they do other people. It’s easy to feel as if you are being pushed away by an old soul even when you are not.

10. They walk away as soon as things become a little uncomfortable.

This is related to the intense fear that old souls have. If they see signs of the relationship becoming rocky, they hit the road rather than find a way of resolving issues. They just don’t want to get hurt.

11.They don’t play games.

Old souls don’t care about pleasing or wooing others. They demand all or nothing. For an old soul, it’s either you are with him or her or you are not.

12. They want nothing short of soulmate love.

Old souls don’t settle for superficial stuff or average relationships. They have their own idea of what a relationship should look like and they are willing to wait until they find it.