Old Man Owns Obnoxious Twitch Streamer During Her Live Stream

Most of us find it annoying when people live stream in public, take phone calls loudly, or play music on speakerphone.

This streamer was broadcasting from a beach bar, but an elderly man wasn't amused, and so he decided to give the annoying streamer a lesson.

After the old man's interruption, the woman told her viewers "did you hear what that old guy said." Immediately after the man spoke into the camera, she sarcastically thanked him saying "I really appreciate that you are so kind, Jesus loves you."


People's responses to the video were varied and basically negative.

One viewer pointed out: "'I got like 40k followers' - sits alone at the bar"

Someone else observed: "lol that cut deep, look at her eyes you can really see she died a little on the inside."

However, others thought the old man was a problem. One of them said "I'd rather spend a day with her than the old dude. He took a cheap shot."


Still, some congratulated the old man and thought he did the right thing: "That old dude rules!"

Another said: "I agree with the old man... Well said, guy."

Another person thought the lady was really sensitive to allow a "nursing home escapee" to shake up their "whole broadcast."