Old Fashioned Dating Was Awesome, We Need To Bring It Back!

Old Fashioned Dating Was Awesome, We Need To Bring It Back!

Call me crazy, but there's something sexy about a man who's all dressed up, waiting for you with flowers, and ending a date with a kiss. In a crazy busy world of hookups, old fashioned romance is dead. But I have a strong case for its revival.

Before I start listing all the reasons we need old fashioned dating in 2020, let's state the obvious: it was easier. Things change all the time, not necessarily for the better. It used to be a guy asking a girl out for ice cream. Now, no one talks, everyone's busily checking their phones!

Don't send me nudes, bring me flowers!

First dates are nerve-wracking, so flowers are a small and sweet gesture and a decent conversation starter.

Dress up!

Women are continually winning this fashion game. At least we dress up, from time to time, shave and use makeup. Not all, but the majority of women do care about their looks. Men just throw on something clean, preferably from Adidas.

Suits are sexy. Dressing up is a sign of respect. Wearing sweats on a date doesn't make you cool. It makes you look irresponsible.

Sex can wait

Is there some unwritten rule that everyone has to have sex on the first date? If so, can we go back to the 50s, because sex shouldn't be rushed. It's an intimate and romantic gesture, a declaration of love.

If you're going out just to get some, don't call it dating. This goes for any gender!

Stop playing with your phone!

Can we try to be in the moment and enjoy each other? No, because your phone keeps buzzing, and you're dying to see what your friend texted you. Then you'll see some useless meme and laugh while I'm plotting how to pick up the waiter without looking slutty.

Dazzle me!

The smallest gestures can bring the most honest smiles. From remembering where I grew up to writing a short poem, I am not the only person who needs more romance.

The more I look at the couple, the clearer it becomes that couples don't bother getting to know each other.

Are we FWB or Instagram official?

To avoid commitment, we came up with a million other labels. Friendzone, friends with benefits, DTR, anything to avoid real intimacy.

Are you two dating? You don't know unless you are an Instagram official, which is sad. It seems to me that we are only pretending to be adults; we are forever doomed to be stuck in high school.

Don't forget to delete your Tinder!

Is it too much to ask a person to delete their hook up apps when you start dating?

Old fashioned dating was putting too much pressure on men, while women were the ones waiting to be chosen. But at least there were some universal rules, not ideal, but they existed.

In today's world, not many bother to come up with an exciting idea for a date. And if your first day is dreary, why would you want to go out again? Bring back the best from the old dating scene. Otherwise, we should go back to arranged marriages and have children since we managed to kill the romance.

Is there an app for old fashioned dating only? If not, I just gave someone a million-dollar idea for free!