Oklahoma Science Teacher, 22, Charged With Rape Of Teenage Student After Police Barge In

A 22-year-old married high school chemistry teacher is charged with second-degree rape after having sex with a male student.

Authorities charged Hunter Day with rape and soliciting sex with a minor using technology.

According to court documents, sheriff deputies arrested Day, who worked at Yukon High School, in a sting operation.

The deputies said they investigated the relationship after the teens' parents found explicit photos and messages on his phone.


On the day of her arrest, Day and the teen had planned to meet at her house.

oklahoma science teacher, 22, charged with rape of teenage student after police barge in

While pretending to be the boy, the deputies contacted Day with the boy's phone. They asked the 22-year-old teacher if their meeting was still on.

Day replied, 'yes,' and urged the student to hurry up and get to her residence before her husband came home from work. The woman's husband was also a teacher at Yukon High School, where he coached football.

Upon arriving at her home, the deputies sent Day a text message that read, 'I'm here,' to which the teacher replied, 'the doors unlocked as usual.'


The officers then opened the door and found the 22-year-old sitting on the living room floor with candles lit.

She was also wearing a Christmas-themed T-shirt featuring a cat in a Santa Claus hat and workout shorts.

oklahoma science teacher, 22, charged with rape of teenage student after police barge in

When deputies informed her about the purpose of their visit, she admitted to having a sexual relationship with her student.

She confessed that she had sent the boy photos of herself dressed in a bra and panties. Also, she said she had received images of the teenager's genitals, too.

The deputies then took Day to custody and booked her into the Canadian County jail on three charges: one count of second-degree rape, possession of child pornography, and soliciting sex from a minor using technology.


Speaking of the sexual relation, Sheriff Chris West said:

"This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust."

"School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them."

"I'm no longer surprised by the people who commit these crimes because predators come from all walks of life."

Day's arrest comes just a month after News9 interviewed her about her decision to get an emergency certification to teach science at Yukon High School.


A graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, she said she had been on track to go to medical school.

However, she had a change of heart a few months back and decided to try teaching. She claimed she 'wanted to have more family time.'